Britain’s Got Talent

While fans of Campbell Live have tuned in to boost the average audience for the show, they’re not actually helping. Last night’s average audience was up to 293,300 which was the third highest rating episode the show has had since September 2013. However, the problem that Mediaworks has been wanting to address is that the audience from Campbell Live isn’t sticking around after the show which is affecting the rest of their evening ratings and ultimately, their revenue.

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This is quite amusing for a promo for a TV Show and very Simon Cowell.

Some would argue he had it coming.

On Saturday night’s live final of Britain’s Got Talent, a 30-year-old back-up singer casually stormed the stage and, with a smile on her face, began hurling eggs at Simon Cowell.

Can you imagine someone doing this to our very own Rachel Hunter on NZ’s Got Talent?

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Australian drama series House Husbands has been renewed for a third season. The drama was voted the ‘Most Popular Drama Series’ at this year’s Logie Awards in April.

Simon Cowell pelted with eggs on Britain’s Got Talent

A back-up singer on Britain’s Got Talent has pelted judge Simon Cowell with eggs during the live grand final over the weekend. The 30-year-old woman wanted to take a stand against Cowell’s “dreadful influence on the music industry”. Continue reading »

After all the outbursts in the media and somewhat strange behaviour from the the woman who has the highest number of views on You Tube, Susan Boyle has only managed runner up on Britain’s Got Talent.

Check out what happened on the live recap of Britain’s Got Talent over at Throng UK.

Overnight world singing sensation Susan Boyle (Britain’s Got Talent) is discussed in all the Sunday papers today. Her video has been viewed over 27 million times on YouTube.

Sunday Star Times compares her to Kiwi reality TV stars Rosita Vai and Joe Cotton who were criticised for being overweight.  Jackie O’Fee, host of Does My Bum Look Big? says the reality is that “we’re visual – it’s how we’re built. Regardless of whether it’s fair, pretty people get better jobs.  Deep down we think we’re not like that, but we are.

What do you think of her performance and do you think she’ll win the competition?

Note: unfortunately PRIME is unable to screen the show here.

When will we get “Britain’s Got Talent” in New Zealand?

We have had the american version for a couple of seasons now,

but New Zealand has been much more affected by Britain’s Got Talent

– news stories have featured Paul Potts, and the new surprise Susan Boyle, the only way of

seeing it at present is to watch YouTube!

So come on TV stations! you are missing a great program which is far more relavent to

New Zealand viewers than the American version of the show.

This guy’s voice is amazing! Hopefully we get some people like this on New Zealand’s got Talent later this year.

He could be the new Paul Potts.