Britain’s Greatest Ships

LIVING – Sundays from 16 December, 10.30pm

The Queen Elizabeth will be one of Britain’s greatest ships. The new pride of the Cunard Line is being built at a cost of �350 million. This documentary gives privileged access to the construction of an exciting new generation of ocean-going liners; a 92,000-tonne ship designed to double as a transatlantic express and a cruise ship. Cameras capture the laying of her keel; follow the building of her superstructure, the installation of the massive engines, the fitting out of sumptuous staterooms, and recruitment of exceptional staff – from the captain down. This is a story of great engineering endeavour, brought alive by unique archive film of the first Queen Elizabeth and the legendary Queen Mary. It will intrigue and fascinate those who love tales of the sea; of giant ships and of maritime engineering and of the human side of creating and manning one of the world’s greatest ships.