Britain’s Hidden Heritage

LIVING – Sundays from 12 February, 8.30pm

Take a journey back in time through extraordinary buildings and landmark treasures with a passionate team of enthusiasts and experts. This three part series peels away the modern wallpaper of British life to reveal incredible secrets and remarkable stories of their treasured heritage. HRH The Prince of Wales gives his own personal insight into saving and restoring the magnificent Dumfries House and its possessions so Britain can share in its beauty and history. There is a discovery of a handwritten cookbook authored by the cook of historic house, Audley End, in 1880 and the recipes are tested to take a culinary step back in time. There is a visit to a Castle Prison, first used as a gaol in the mid eighteenth century and the history of a barbaric form of rehabilitation is revealed. Visually stunning, the cameras capture stately Britain and all its hidden treasures in their full glory.