Britney: For The Record

Tuesday 16 Dec 9.30pm, on
In the TV2 special Britney: For The Record, iconic pop star Britney Spears breaks the silence by telling both her biggest fans and greatest critics what has truly been transpiring in her life for the last several years, and provides a rare glimpse into her hopes and aspirations for the future. Granting access to the award winning team at, Britney opens up to viewers and reveals what it is truly like to walk in the shoes of one of today’s biggest stars, in her first ever official biographical TV appearance.

For the record no networks have annouched if they have acquired this 60 minute special.

“This ain’t no tabloid expose. This is real life. In ‘Britney: For the Record,’ MTV follows Britney Spears, the world’s most-gossiped-about megastar, through every step of her storied 2008 comeback. Go backstage at the VMAs, step up to the mic in the recording studio and get into the thoughts of Britney Spears as she plots and prepares for her return to the spotlight.”


Can anyone fill me in on if and/or when MTV or any other networks might screen it?