Brooke Knows Best

Premieres September 1st @ 8.30pm

Last season was all about Brooke turning 19, leaving home and living on her own for the first time. Now Brooke’s back for more and you’ll get to see her new life in a posh Miama pad with best friends and roomies Glenn and Ashley with hopes for superstardom as a musician. It’s not all fun and games however… Brooke has a lot to deal with after her parents, Hulk and Linda, divorced. The question is, can she hold it all together and become the rock of the family?

Saturday 16 May 2009 7:00pm

And all along we thought it was Hogan who knew best. Brooke Hogan, aspiring pop star and daughter to Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan, steps out on her own and tries to live her life away from home. Tonight: Brooke wants to mark her new independence with a new tattoo. When Hulk calls Brooke to come to Los Angeles to visit, Brooke can’t stop thinking about how Hulk will react to her new tattoo