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Tune in to Comedy Central every Wednesday for double episodes of bro’ Town, a modern day fairytale about five Auckland teenagers growing up in the big bad city. bro’Town chronicles the schoolboy misadventures of Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack and Jeff de Maori in a proudly suburban non-PC satire.

Relive all those much loved moments in double episodes of bro’Town with everybody’s favourite rascals – Vale, Valea, Sione, Mack, Jeff de Maori and the rest of the culturally diverse and non-PC residents of Morningside in arguably New Zealand’s most hilarious animated satire series.

And don’t forget those special cameo appearances from local and international famous faces – HRH the Prince of Wales, John Campbell, Rove and even God himself!

Tune in to a home-grown favourite on Comedy Central Wednesdays @ 7:30pm from May 9 only on Comedy Central – SKY channel 015.

According to wikipedia, in comedy, a Roast is:

an event in which an individual is subjected to a public presentation of comedic insults, praise, outlandish true and untrue stories, and heartwarming tributes, the implication being that the roastee is able to take the jokes in good humor and not as serious criticism or insult, and therefore, show their good nature. It is seen as a great honor to be roasted, as the individual is surrounded by friends, fans, and well-wishers, who can receive some of the same treatment as well during the course of the evening.

It’s a term that some folk need to become accustomed to.

On Wednesday night at the inaugural Radio Roast, Dave Fane took to the stage with a task at hand and delivered.  However, some have missed the point of the event and labelled him racist and homophobic among other things following his “roasting” of Jews, HIV sufferers and those in the advertising industry.

The “racist outburst” as claimed by the New Zealand Herald’s Rachel Glucina, Joseph Barratt and Barry Clarke featured in a story titled “TV3 star attacks Jews”.  The story, taken completely out of context, suggests it was a drunken tirade when in fact it was in line with the theme of the night.  Anyone who may have taken offense to the content probably wouldn’t have understood what the night was about.

Of course, Dave Fane has been forced to apologise.  His statement to the NZPA reads

“I wish to formally apologise for my offensive remarks, and am deeply troubled by the association of TV3 and my employers to the statements. I was quoted out of context in the article.”

As you’d expect, as part of their beat up the NZ Herald has obtained comment from the NZ Jewish Council and NZ Aids Foundation who were outraged.

New Zealand has today lost one of its icons.  Sir Howard Morrison died this morning after returning from Rarotonga where he had been ill.  He was 74.

Sir Howard Morrison has appeared on a number of New Zealand TV shows during his long career.  He provided his voice for Bro’Town, courted some controversy when he suggested NZ Idol winner Rosita Vai was too fat to have a career in music and was due to sing the national anthem at the greatly anticipated boxing clash between Tua and Cameron.

8:00pm – Sunday, May 24 on TV 3

This week sees stars aplenty when television history is made when the last ever episode of the Award-winning local animated series bro’Town screens on Sunday, May 24th at 8pm on 3.

bro’Town has already seen an impressive line-up of guest stars this year, with Hollywood actors Sam Neill, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), and legendary musicians Neil Finn and Tim Finn all lending their famous voices to the show.

And much like American personalities know they’ve made it when they get a guest appearance on the animated hit The Simpsons, New Zealanders know they’ve touched the heart of the nation when they appear on the local smash-hit comedy bro’Town.

And this week’s finale certainly stays true to this formula; guest staring Robert Rakete, Lucy Lawless, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Sir Howard Morrison and Scribe, this week’s episode will be ending the series on a definite high.

The episode titled “So You Think You Can Dance Near The Stars?” will see Dad slipped an ecstasy tablet and convincing Agnes to show the world her fancy footwork in a televised dance competition.

“I think we’re ending the series with a really strong episode,” says bro’Town creator/developer, director and producer Elizabeth Mitchell.

“Lots of storylines are tied up, the issues we explore are pretty full-on, we’ve got an awesome line up of celebrity guests and it’s really funny! We wanted to go out on a high and I think we definitely achieve that!”

And even though the series is coming to an end, fans need not wary as Mitchell promises the Morningside boys will be back in one way or another.

“We are leaving it open so that we can come back to it sometime in the future if that feels like the right thing to do,” Mitchell explains.

“We’re also working on the bro’Town movie and hoping to do some TV specials… so bro’Town won’t be going away – it will just be trying out some different vehicles.”

But until that time make sure not to miss the last ever episode of one of the most celebrated New Zealand television shows when bro’Town finals its series on Sunday, May 24th at 8pm on 3.

8:00pm – Sunday, May 3 on TV 3

Everybody knows that bro’Town’s Morningside is a popular celebrity hangout, and this week Hollywood actor Sam Neill (The Piano, Jurassic Park III, Wimbledon) is heading to the fictional town to wreck havoc with its locals on bro’Town, screening on Sunday, May 3rd at 8pm on 3.

Most commonly recognised for his roles in the films The Piano and Jurassic Park III, New Zealand born Sam Neill is only the second star to have appeared in both The Simpsons and bro’Town.

Interestingly, Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) is the only other person to have been solidified in television history by appearing in both of the animated series.

So how does Neill feel about making history with his bro’Town guest role? “After Family Guy and The Simpsons the next move had to be bro’Town,” he says referring to his previously mentioned guest stint in Springfield as well as the Sam Neill character featured in Family Guy.

Known for his offbeat sense of humour the actor continues; “In fact I’m still there, still trying to find the motorway out. Tell my family I’m fine and should be home by Christmas. They’re all very nice here.”

But wacky Neill is not the only star to grace Morningside in this week’s appropriately titled “To Sam With Love” episode. The instalment will also see Outrageous Fortune star Robyn Malcom, TV3’s morning show Sunrise presenter Oliver Driver as well as George Henare and Joel Tobeck.

So what’s in store for these Kiwi celebs when they meet the boys from Morningside? “It will be an episode full of revelations,” says TV3’s Head of Drama and Comedy Rachel Jean.

“When Sam Neill joins St Sylvester as a drama teacher Mack becomes overwhelmed by his feelings towards the actor and reveals a secret bigger then his privileged home life.”

Make sure not to miss this revelation and the hilarity that undoubtedly ensures when Sam Neill guest stars in bro’Town, screening on Sunday, May 3rd at 8pm on 3.

This week’s NI interviews Oscar Kightley.

In it he says he says:

  • He’s clinically shy
  • He loves writing for the stage because the resonse is immediate
  • He says fame is an illusion, it’s not real

To celebrate the fifth (and final) season of bro’Town the Sunday papers have prize packs to give away:

Sunday News has Bro’Town t-shirts and calendars:
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Sunday Star times has t-shirts, DVDs and calendars:
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View talks to Mario Gaoa about the final season of bro’Town, which starts tonight on TV3:

“The success has been quite humbling.  When we first started, we got a whole lot of emails from people, good and bad, and I thought wow, maybe I can pay my rent for another six months at least.  I was able to pay my rent for another five years.

We never had a cut-off date in our heads or lifespan for bro’Town.  We thought, what can we do?  How many more series do we think we have left?  The consensus was that we should finish off on a high.  But we’ve left it so if ever we decide to revisit it, we can.  The biggest thing is that bro’Town has really allowed us all to get into a position in life of buying a house or having a family.  We’ve grown up, and grown older with bro’Town.

Some tears will be spilled in the last episode.  If there’s anybody going to cry it’ll be Shimpal or possibly Dave – they do get very emotional.”

Sunday, April 19th at 8pm
The local Award-winning animated smash-hit comedy series bro’Town returns to 3 with a fifth, and final, action-packed season on Sunday, April 19th at 8pm on 3.

Winner of the Best Comedy Programme Award and the Best Comedy Script at the New Zealand Screen Awards, bro’Town will be concluding its highly successful five year run at the end of this series.  

But despite its final season, Elizabeth Mitchell the creator/developer, director and producer of the show says that when it comes to bro’Town the end is never the end.  

“This is the show’s fifth season so it’s kind of like the boys have grown up and now they’re ready for primary school,” she says. “And even though it’s the ‘final series’, we are secretly calling it ‘the final series in the fourth form’ because we are leaving it open so that we can come back to it sometime in the future if that feels like the right thing to do.”

Fans of the series will also be happy to hear that after the end of this season the boys from Morningside are set for bigger and better things. 

“We’re working on the bro’Town movie and hoping to do some TV specials… so bro’Town won’t be going away – it will just be trying out some different vehicles,” says Mitchell.

But don’t think for one minute that this final season is just a marketing tool for the bro’Town movie, Mitchell explains, as this could possibly be the series’ strongest series to date. 

“I think we’re ending the series with a really strong season!” she says. “Lots of storylines are tied up, the issues we explore are pretty full-on, we’ve got an awesome line up of celebrity guests and it’s really funny!  We wanted to go out on a high and I think we definitely achieve that!

Mitchell also says that she’s been overwhelmed by the success of the previous seasons and that working on bro’Town has proven everything that she had hoped for. “It’s been such an amazing seven years working on the show,” she says. 

“Obviously it is a lot of fun and an amazing team to work with, but the best thing of all has probably been how New Zealanders have just taken the show and the characters into their hearts… it has been all that I hoped for and more!”  

So make sure not to miss the show that’s become as much part of Kiwi culture as the Haka and fish and chips when bro’Town premieres its brand new final season on Sunday, April 19th at 8pm on 3.