Bryan & Bobby

Weekdays at 3:15pm starting Monday, May 5th

Constable Bryan and his “real police dog” puppet puppy Bobby are back on the job teaching Kiwi kids about the positive Blue Light safety messages. Bryan & Bobby returns on Monday, May 5th at 3:15pm on 3.

As always Bryan & Bobby are working hard to get the word out to primary school children about how to stay safe and how to think beyond themselves so that they can participate positively in their communities.

Bobby is a young, enthusiastic, and sometimes cheeky (but never rude) blue heeler puppy who’s desperate to become a Police Dog. He has moved to the city to live with Constable Bryan until he’s old enough to go into Police Dog training.

Bobby adores his mate Constable Bryan and respects his authority, but just like any young pup (or Kiwi kid for that matter) never misses an opportunity to throw a bit of cheek (and especially bald jokes) Bryan’s way.

Constable Bryan Ward has been a police officer for 12 years in the Counties Manukau District in Auckland. Over the 12 years he has been a frontline police officer, a community constable and a police education officer. During this time he has been awarded the Paul Harris fellowship for services to local youth by Rotary, raised over $75,000 for Kidz First Hospital with another Police officer – Senior Sergeant Waretini – and been named as an Ambassador for the South Auckland Health Foundation and Bluelight New Zealand.

Most recently Constable Ward has taken on a new role as a “Cop in School” in the local high schools in the Otahuhu area. Together Bryan and Bobby have visited over 50,000 children (at schools, kindys, crèches and hospitals) throughout New Zealand raising awareness of children’s safety and social issues.

As a child Bryan used to watch Constable Keith and Sniff regularly on TV and he is now privileged to carry on the valuable work the pair started (alongside Bobby of course).

So what can fans of the ever entertaining series expect from the new season? “The new season of Bryan & Bobby will be better than ever,” says Constable Bryan.

“We are covering many topics that were passed on to Bryan and Bobby through their many school visits, consultations with teachers, and children’s letters to what Suzy calls [Suzy Cato, producer] the Dynamic Duo.”

“I might be dynamic, but you’re not Constable Bryan,” pipes up Bobby, a distant relative of Sniff of Constable Keith and Sniff.

“We will be covering topics such as teamwork, remaining positive and we will see the police search and rescue team in action.”

“Speaking of rescues Constable Bryan, is there anything anyone can do about your hair?”

Find out the answer to this and other informative questions when Bryan & Bobby returns on Monday, May 5th at 3:15pm on 3.