Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures

NICKELODEON – Fridays from 19 October, 6pm

Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures is a comedy about two inseparable surfer dudes from Southern California who live and sleep for the perfect surf day, and maybe a taco or two! These two best friends have three main goals in life: stay friends forever, always be near a beach, and never have a job that requires pants! But they’re not slackers. They’re just laidback boys with awesome surf skills who approach life, school, and surfing with pure enthusiasm. Although they may sometimes seem like they’ve had too much exposure to the sun, they’re not really stupid, they just march to the beat of a different drum!

The series storyline centers around Bucket (Taylor Gray) who is keen to win over the affection of classmate Kelly (Ashley Argota), and his best bud Skinner (Dillon Lane) who, like all best buds, is keen to help his friend and so nominates him for class President! This action inadvertently causes him to run against the super-popular athlete Aloe (Glenn McCuen). Unqualified and totally unfit for student council, Bucket is forced to team up with the Kelly’s younger sister, the precocious Piper (Tiffany Espensen), in order to save face and try to win the heart of his dream girl.