Buffy the Vampire Slayer

8:30pm – Saturday, February 12 on FOUR

This week FOUR is going back to the 90s, 1997 to be exact – a time when high school sophomore Buffy Summers first faced her destiny as a slayer of the un-dead when she arrived in Sunnydale, California to try and stop a batch of bloodsuckers from turning the town into a buffet!

That’s right vampire fans; FOUR is going back to the beginning of the series that started it all – Joss Whedon’s critically and commercially acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer premieres this week with the series’ first ever episodes, screening on Saturday, February 12th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

Based on the popular feature film of the same name, Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues the adventures of a 16-year-old high school student as she fights to rid her world of supernatural evil.

The series combines the humour of modern teenagers with thrills and action as a bold heroine fulfils her destiny to battle the threatening forces of darkness.

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an attractive new student at Sunnydale High School. Like all teenagers, she just wants to be normal: go on dates; giggle with friends; hang out at the shopping mall.

Buffy is not like other girls, however. She is the Chosen One – a slayer of vampires, gifted with the strength to hunt and destroy!

Make sure not to miss this iconic television character when FOUR goes back to the beginning of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, screening the series’ first ever episode on Saturday, February 12th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

Misfits renewed for third season

British teen series Misfits has been renewed for a third season following a successful second season run in the UK recently. The BAFTA award-winning series, which screened here on C4, drew a series high of 1.2m for the December 16 episode in the UK.

Simpsons producer denies rift

The Simpsons producer James L. Brooks has laughed off suggestions that the show has a bad relationship with its network, Fox and Rupert Murdoch. Brooks said there is no hard feelings following the recent digs the cartoon took at Fox News.

Havins joins Grey’s Anatomy

Alexa Havins has joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy for a guest appearance on the series. The former CSI: Miami and Law & Order: Criminal Intent actress has previously appeared with former Grey’s cast member Katherine Heigl in the 2008 film 27 Dresses.

Morris contender for Buffy remake

Glee’s Heather Morris is being considered for the lead role in the upcoming remake of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The actress, who plays Brittany on Glee, is one of several potential contenders for the role of Buffy in the series remake.

Glee actress hits back at GQ criticism

Glee’s Dianna Agron has responded to the criticism over the provocative GQ photo shoot featuring her and two other cast members. Agron, who plays Quinn, said that while the intention was not to offend anyone, “if your 8-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on Earth did it get there?” 

Conrad begins filming on new show

Former Hills cast member Lauren Conrad has commenced filming of her new reality show which will focus on the aspiring fashion designer’s attempt to launch her own fashion label. “This show is going to have a smaller crew, and they’ll just be following us around,” she said of the show. “It’s going to have a rougher feel, but I think the end result is going to be more true.”

Doctor Who writer drops details

Doctor Who writer Neil Gaiman has dropped details on the episode of the show’s new season which he wrote himself, saying: “It all starts in void-space, with something or someone we have not seen since [1969 story] ‘The War Games’, and a knock on the Tardis door.” Gaiman’s episode id expected to air as the third.

Buffy and Gossip Girl talent teams up

Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl co-star Michelle Trachtenberg is teaming with Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for a new project about a young criminology student with a gift for profiling.

Goodfellas TV series in the works

A TV series based on 1990 gangster movie Goodfellas is in
the works, with Warner Bros TV the frontrunner to produce the series.
Screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote the original Martin Scorsese movie, is
expected to write the script for the pilot.

Familiar face returns to Home and Away

Home and Away will welcome back a familiar face towards the end of the year with the return of a well-known cast member. The actor/actress was a series regular a decade ago and was – surprise surprise – a foster child.

The Simpsons named top TV brand

The Simpsons have been named the most lucrative TV brand of
all time, with a global retail sales total of more than $US8 million. Sesame
Street took second place followed by Looney Tunes in third.

Buffy actress joins Grey’s

Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Amber Benson will
appear on the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy in at least one episode. Benson
has previously appeared on Grey’s spinoff series private Practice.

Phoenix apologizes for Letterman appearance

Joaquin Phoenix has apologised for his infamous appearance
on The Late Show with David Letterman where he turned up in dark shades,
slurring his words and giving monosyllabic answers. Phoenix and filmmaker Casey
Affleck have since announced that it was all part of an elaborate hoax for
their new film I’m Still Here.

Dushku to guest on Big Bang

Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku will join the cast of The Big
Bang Theory for an episode in the next season of the comedy series. Dushku will
play an FBI agent  who interviews the

DioGuardi confirmed to exit American Idol

American network Fox has confirmed the rumours that American
Idol judge Kara DioGuardi will not return to the next season of the long-running
talent show. DioGuardi now joins Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres in exiting
the show with only original judge Randy Jackson staying on to be partnered with
presumably Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Buffy actor to guest on Private Practice

Former Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon will make a guest
appearance on a forthcoming episode of Private Practice. The actor, who played
Xander on Buffy, has previously appeared on the likes of Criminal Minds and
Without a Trace.

Odd reality show idea

The Brits’ latest idea for a cruel reality TV show is to see
a number of celebrities invite homeless people to live with them for three weeks
before sending them back out onto the streets. The celebrities will be given a £20,000 fee for their
appearance while the homeless people will have no guaranteed paycheque, having
to rely on the celebrities who are “encouraged” to give them 25% of their fee.

Piers Morgan to be King’s replacement?

Brit Piers Morgan is reportedly close to sealing a deal which would see him effectively replace departed talk show host Larry King on CNN in the US. Morgan is poised to front a new show for the network after King announced his retirement from TV yesterday.

Kardashians on 90210

The Kardashians have signed on for a guest spot on teen drama 90210 for next season. The three sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will play themselves in an episode later this year.

Rob Lowe developing reality show

Brothers & Sisters actor Rob Lowe is reportedly developing a new reality show set in Washington DC which will follow young aspiring Washingtonians as they try and forge careers in the capital of the US. The series is called Potomac Fever.

Brothers & Sisters actress leaves

Lowe’s co-star on Brothers & Sisters Emily VanCamp has announced she is leaving the series next season. The actress who plays Rebecca will depart the show after spending four years on it.

Complaints over Wimbledon coverage

The BBC has received a number of complaints in the UK over its coverage of the current Wimbledon tennis tournament. The network has fielded complaints over the coverage featuring too many “lingering shots of canoodling couples and attractive spectators” in the crowd. The Brits just want their tennis.

Buffy character tops vampire poll

Despite the influx of vampires in film and television these days, a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer has taken out a poll of the greatest vampires in television and film. Spike from Buffy was voted in first place in the SFX poll, ahead of film vampires and other Buffy characters.

Bookies taking bets on Doctor Who exit

Bookmakers in the UK are taking bets on whether Doctor Who star Matt Smith will still be in the job for another season after the show suffered a slip in the ratings. Of course Doctor Who’s recent season finale in the UK was up against the World Cup in TV.

VIBE – Weeknights from Friday 26 February, 6.10pm & 10.30pm

Since debuting in 1997, Buffy The Vampire Slayer has become one of television’s most successful breakout hits. This action-packed drama, cleverly laced with comedy and horror, has been named “one of the ten best shows” on television by Time Magazine, TV Guide, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly. Emmy Award-winner Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Buffy, the quick-witted heroine whose duty as the sole vampire slayer of her generation is to protect the world from the undead, who yearns to be normal. Trying to balance her new adult responsibilities with saving the world, Buffy remains cheerful and fierce throughout, even as her hometown of Sunnydale, California sits atop a Hellmouth, a mystical portal where all the demons of the netherworld converge.
In season six, Buffy The Vampire Slayer offered an inspired and seismic shift in the direction of the show. Buffy, now a single working woman, struggled to raise her sister by day and battle demons by night. Her friends’ lives took many tumultuous turns. Romances flourished and waned. The Scooby gang grew up. As the final season begins, the series will take a surprising and typically innovative turn with the reopening of the high school (famously obliterated at the end of the third season). “That represents a lot of what we’re talking about in terms of getting back to the very first mission statement of the show, which was the joy of female power: having it, using it, sharing it,” explains Joss Whedon, the show’s creator and executive producer. This startling development will foretell new challenges and threats, which promise that the battle against evil is far from over. And so the fight continues… only on Vibe.

VIBE – Weeknights from 7 September, 6.10pm & 10.30pm (omnibus Saturdays from 6am)

Like True Blood? Can’t get enough of Twilight? Then you’ll fall in love (all over again) with the hit vampire series that started it all… from the very first episode.

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a high school hottie, no question about it. Like all teenagers, she just wants to be normal: go on dates, gossip with friends, hang out at the shopping mall. However, Buffy is not like other girls. She may not be able to read minds like Anna Paquin on True Blood, but like Sookie, Buffy is no run of the mill blonde. She is the Chosen One (way before Harry Potter stole her thunder), a slayer of vampires, gifted with the strength to hunt and destroy. This puts a major crimp in the usual Saturday night plans; most purses aren’t large enough to conceal a wooden stake, and it is difficult to simultaneously converse with a date and kickbox evil creatures of the night. Not to mention that vials of holy water have a tendency to break at the most inopportune moments – and garlic is never the most attractive smell when a boy is leaning in for a kiss.

This cult classic may not feature vampire du jour Edward Cullen (played to smouldering perfection by Robert Pattinson in Twilight), but David Boreanaz, who has found mainstream acclaim through his portrayal of Special Agent Seeley Booth on Bones, ups the hotness quotient as Buffy’s conflicted vampire love interest, Angel. Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) is Buffy’s BFF Willow, a shy social outcast, while Anthony Stewart Head (Little Britain) plays Giles, a middle-aged librarian who seems to have an uncanny knowledge of her slayer abilities. Buffy soon learns that she can’t escape her destiny, and that her new school is just teeming with bloodsuckers. With the help of her new friends, and under the auspices of her new mentor Giles, Buffy proudly takes up the mantle of Vampire Slayer once again.

Let’s get a Buffy discussion going! I’m surprised to see there’s nothing already — or am I looking in the wrong places?

What’s your favourite series, who’s your favourite Big Bad?, did you love or hate the musical episode?

I came to Buffy relatively late so saw the series in a funny order, but loved the musical episode. The series before that was probably my favourite (5?).

I also loved the crossover element with Angel – like when Willow turned up on Angel to tell him Buffy died (again!).

More ranting t/c …