Building It Bigger

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Mondays from 2 February, 8.30pm

The tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007, was one of the largest and strongest on record.  Ninety-five percent of the town’s buildings were wrecked beyond repair and recognition. Yet in the aftermath of the EF-5 tornado, the townspeople decided to re-build Greensburg and to make it the greenest town in the U.S.    Hosted by young architect Danny Forster (Extreme Engineering), each episode features a unique construction project showcasing various aspects of sustainable architecture. Forster also introduces viewers to the people whose lives were forever altered by the monster tornado that wiped out Greensburg. We follow their sustainable architectural ideas from drawing board, to reality.  With the help of high-tech graphics, great storytelling and a lot of elbow grease, Forster takes viewers on a creative joyride that makes sustainable design and construction as understandable as it is fascinating.