By Any Means

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 14 June, 9.30pm

From Bali, Charley embarks upon a series of boat journeys navigating his way across the Indonesian archipelago. After a turbulent six day crossing from Kupang on board a handmade boat, he and the team are delighted to finally hit the shores of Australia – the end of the journey is in sight! Despite being on the right continent, there’s a huge distance to cover across the Outback. On the last leg into Sydney, Charley leads an epic biker convoy over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The trip that started life on the back of a boarding pass, that charted a journey from Ireland to Sydney using over 100 means of transport in 102 days, is finally complete.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 7 June, 9.30pm

Charley and the team have been left stranded on the rocky seas of Vietnam. The team’s loud screaming fails to alert a passing boat and things look grim. Getting out of their scrape, they travel through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, visiting the largest waterfalls in South East Asia and the ruins of Angkor Wat along the way. Using the most unusual form of transport yet, Charley wakeboards to Singapore and heads onto Nikoi Island to pick up the cargo boat taking him towards Borneo and the next Unicef project. Not long after they head out to sea, the boat springs a leak and is rapidly taking water in…

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 31 May, 9.30pm

Trekking through Nepal on an elephant, Charley and the team are in the heart of this adventure. Making it to Kathmandu they are excited to be there on the day the Nepalese King is being deposed. Whilst in Nepal the team seize the unique opportunity to go to Everest by helicopter on the 55th anniversary of a mountaineering conquest; the summit of the world’s highest mountain. Making it safely into China the team have a fun filled day on a bamboo raft, potholing and taking in the breathtaking scenery in a hot air balloon. Onwards to far flung Vietnam, this peaceful excursion takes a turn for the worse when onboard a very small speedboat on rough seas, they are pounded by the water. A wave kills the engine just as the boat swings in towards the rocks and the team are left stranded.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 24 May, 9.30pm

Enjoying the vibrant colours and smells of India, Charley Boorman is excited about his time here. Meeting an array of people, the team enjoy a spiritually enriching moment at an Aarti ceremony on the banks of the sacred river Ganges. Heading towards Nepal for more worldly delights Charley catches trains, tuk tuks and rickshaws to get him there. Bad luck hits as one team member is seriously injured and sent back to London to recover.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 17 May, 9.30pm

Charley Boorman’s adventure takes him from the coast of Turkey to the shores of Mumbai. As the crossing of the Black Sea doesn’t go to plan, the team gear themselves up for a long coastal drive to Georgia in a Turkish Dolmus. A side car, unreliable jeep, train and visa issues later, the team finally make it into Iran. Heading down towards Dubai and failing to catch the dhow across, they make it in time for the scheduled cargo ship to take them across the pirate infested waters to India.