Mediaworks have provided a statement in regards to questions as to whether or not The Edge’s new TV channel will be replacing C4. In short, not exactly.

C4 will be coming to an end in the next few months as part of a rejig.  We’ll have more announcements/details in the coming weeks.

Watch this space then.

Between September 20 and October 1, 2012, MediaWorks is making a number of technical changes to the way TV3, FOUR, and C4 are broadcast.

These changes could affect your reception of TV3, FOUR and C4 and the MyFreeview series link functionality for programmes on those channels.

These changes are not part of the switch to digital TV which starts in Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast of the South Island on 30 September and continues across the rest of the country through until 1 December 2013. Continue reading »

Coinciding with the launch of FOUR in early 2011, C4 will replace C42 on the Freeview platform.

C4 will go back to its roots, playing a broad, cross-section of music and continuing its policy to play at least 30 percent Kiwi content.

Key C4 music shows like Video Hits, Homegrown and Biggest Records Right Now will remain in the schedule, and a new music show hosted by Drew Neemia and Shannon Ryan will launch on FOUR in the new year, which will re-broadcast on C4 each night in the primetime slot of 7.30pm-9.00pm.

Andrew Szusterman, Network Executive says:  “Bringing C4 back to solely a music brand is a great result for music lovers.  Fans of C42 will still be able to see their favourite alternative music videos as C42 will become a show itself on the channel.”

The final changeover date for the channel will be announced in the coming weeks.

Okay, it’s an end of a hard year for NZ TV. There was more low points than high points. In fact, I would go as far to say that this was the worst year for TVNZ. TV3 over took them.

Let’s look forward to 2011. TVNZ will have to be careful about what to put on, because they are not going to get anywhere if they just put on the same sort of stuff over and over again. Otherwise, it’s going to be hell!

Also, what happened to Stars In Their Eyes? Did it go to the moon? (Joking!)

TV3 and C4 broadcaster TV Works has lost a High Court appeal over ads for international poker tournaments.

Justice Ron Young has today ruled that the ads for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour are defined as promoting gambling by the Gambling Act.

Initially, a District Court ruled in favour of TV Works’ view that the APPT players were playing for a prize and not gambling and that the ads were not in breach of the legal prohibition on publishing or promoting gambling outside New Zealand.

But today’s judgement has overturned that decision, a move that the Department of Internal Affairs has welcomed after appealing the district Court ruling.

“Whether any penalty should be imposed in the District Court in view of these circumstances will be a matter for the Judge if the charges are found proved,” said Justice Young.

Justice Young said also that the legislation was far from clear and he believed that TV Works thought they had acted lawfully.

The case has been referred back to the District Court for further consideration.

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So Mediaworks are rebranding their channels but are the new names going to confuse people?

With C4 becoming Four, where does that leave C42?  And as for TV3+1?  Will people assume that 3+1 = Four as well?  An HD channel perhaps?  Who knows…

MediaWorks TV channel C4 is to be re-launched as a mainstream entertainment channel known as FOUR.

The channel is to adjust its target audience to 18-49 year olds (currently 15-39) and become broader in its appeal, with programming which attracts a wider, and more mature audience.

TV3, which has a current target audience of 18-49, will evolve its target to the 25-54 year old audience.  While the FOUR change will be immediate, commencing early in 2011, the TV3 adjustment will take place over time, as it is a more subtle adjustment.

“This is a decision about where the biggest audience opportunity exists,” said MediaWorks TV CEO, Jason Paris.

“FOUR will be a channel which appeals to anyone looking for great entertainment.  Everything the channel does will be entertainment.  No news, sport or information, just pure escapism.

“Our research indicates there is a massive appeal for this broad, entertaining content, especially at a time when there are economic challenges which mean the easy escapism of television is even more compelling for people.”

Viewers can look forward to some exciting product on FOUR as announced at this morning’s Wellington new season launch announcement.
Shows including Joel McHale’s new comedy, Community, the highly-anticipated drama The Gates, which is set in a neighbourhood with a dark and delicious secret, and Top Chef: Just Desserts, a spin-off of the Emmy-winning Top Chef series are all new to FOUR.
As well as new shows, popular shows such as America’s Next Top Model and The Simpsons will move to FOUR.
Coming to 3 in 2011 viewers will also be treated to some hot new shows including Hawaii Five-0, the long-awaited remake of the popular cult-classic and The Defenders, a comedic-drama about two colourful Las Vegas defense attorneys, starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell,  The Graham Norton Show starring the  popular and outrageous comedian, Graham Norton and a new series with James May – James May’s Man Lab which sees James on a mission to save modern man!
Great new local content to TV3 will include The Almighty Johnsons, starring Tim Balme, and created by the award-winning team behind the hit Outrageous Fortune.
Jason Paris adds: “We have done some careful analysis of how our combined two channels can attract the strongest audiences, and it has become clear that these two target audiences are where the biggest potential lies.
“It’s no surprise this is also where the largest revenue opportunities lie for us as a business.  Advertisers want to be where the most appealing audiences are.  We intend to deliver those audiences in strong numbers to our clients, across both channels.”

TV3 & C4’s next generation Video on Demand Service has more than tripled the number of shows streamed since its launch in May and doubled its audience base – and continues to grow steadily.

The pre-launch average of 15,000 to 20,000 viewers is now up to over 60,000 viewers weekly. The average streams before launch which were 40,000 to 60,000 streams are now up over 180,000 streams each week

Director of MediaWorks Interactive, Siobhan McKenna says:  “We’ve seen fantastic growth of audience since the launch two months (May 24) ago as well as an increase in the shows available to view.”

“TV3 and C4 viewers can now enjoy a much higher quality On Demand viewing experience – with a shared TV3 & C4 channel player, clean design, easy to use search function, show alerts and a nifty clock that counts down the adbreak so viewers know when their show will return.”

The major growth can in part be linked to the phenomenal launch of the final season of Outrageous Fortune. It kicked-off with an outstanding performance and is now considered to be the second most popular On Demand show of any type in the country with 58,509 streams.

The new look player has had a significant impact in the market with both the audience and advertisers.  A recent survey of 13,760 respondents showed that 90% of MediaWorks’ On Demand audience is watching the show for the very first time.

The service is proving to be a viable channel for advertisers to improve their national reach and a popular alternative to home recording devices with consumers.

Available to view On Demand are both popular local and international shows including Glee, Outrageous Fortune, 7 Days, CSI: NY, Balls of Steel, NCIS, Nurse Jackie, Home & Away, Misfits, and America’s Next Top Model.

And this list continues to grow with upcoming shows this month including New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Lie to Me, Reel Late with Kate, How I Met your Mother and Daisy of Love.


I’m figuring out what I am going to do.

TV1 is airing the movie length premiere “This is Not My Life”, at the same time Prime is airing “Survivors”. Then there is the usual shows I watch on C4.

Now look at Wednesday night. There is nothing on except maybe “True Blood” which I’m not really into or “Castle” which I haven’t got round to seeing yet. V: The Remake sucks, so I’m not going there.

Back to Thursdays, my only option is to tape TV1 and switch back and forth between Prime and C4.

Colin Caldwell, MediaWorks TV Director of Sales, has announced he is leaving his role to set up an independent business consultancy.

The business will be launching in the next few weeks and in the meantime Mr Caldwell will be consulting MediaWorks TV in a transition to being fulltime in his new business.

“Colin has steered our TV sales team for nine years,” said MediaWorks TV CEO, Jason Paris.

“He has decided he wants to pursue his own business ideas and interests and we accept and support his decision.  I will be working closely with Colin and the team in the weeks ahead as we work to find someone for this key executive role,” Mr Paris said.

“Colin has made a significant contribution to the commercial success of MediaWorks, over the last 18 years, and I thank him for both the long hours and long lunches he has contributed towards that success,” he said.

Colin Caldwell said: “I am excited to be able to set up in business independently, this has been a desire of mine for many years and now it has become a reality.  I’m grateful to TV3 for the opportunity they have given me to transition to my own business while continuing to provide services to the company and support my team.”

“It has been a privilege to work for TV3 and I wish the company and all the staff well in the future.”