The TVNZ website has a very nifty feature I have been using for a while. It is a television schedule of all the programmes the free to air channels in New Zealand are showing, TV One, TV2, TV3, C4, and Prime.

The only problem I have with the schedule listings is that the programmes don’t always line up with their respective starting time.

So I am a dedicated viewer of c4 (and tv3 actually, I’m pretty much Canwest loyal – go Canada!) and I tune in as I always do to Special Features last night only to receive some shocking news – Clarke’s leaving!

I love special features, and I love the dynamic that Clarke and Jane have. So what’s to come now? Will it just be Jane Yee, presenting all by her lil lonesome self? I don’t think it could ever be the same, but I think that would be preferable to getting someone in to fill Clarke’s shoes, which are oh-so-very unfillable.

What’s to come in this year of ’07? Oh, I just don’t know, I just don’t know.

Blogger stacey1122 prefers Juice TV to C4 and makes a couple of interesting comments:

c4 select live finished on december 22nd 2006 and is not starting up again until january 29th which i think is far too long.

Will these two music tv channels last the distance because most new zealanders are getting broadband connections and now they can go to any artist’s site and watch their music videos online, so what’s the point of watching them on tv?

vodafone sponsor [C4’s] select live music show, yet when vodafone launches its live mobile television service this year, c4 isn’t going to be screened live on it which is very weird because mtv, which is a competitor to c4, is going to be screening on vodafone live.

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I switched on to C4 today after hearing that they would be broadcasting live from the Big Day Out. Sure enough they were, but did we get live coverage of any of the performances? No…we just got the idiots of C4 talking to random people. What a waste of time. Who wants to watch that?

What I find absolutely offensive was the use of the ‘f word’ twice by two guests being interviewed, and this was at the children friendly time of 4pm. I am seriously considering writing a complaint to C4, but I don’t really know if there will be any point…

If you miss out on a ticket to next weeks Big Day Out..(last 2000 go on sale on Monday!)…then wipe your tears!

Thanks to the wonders of modern day technology – C4 will be beaming concert goings on straight into your living room (or straight to your PC for that matter!) with a 4 hour special live broadcast – both online at www.c4tv.co.nz and on air.

The 4 hour special will begin Friday, January 19th at 3pm. All C4 presenters – DJ Sir-Vere, Jono Pryor, Nick D, Clarke Gayford, Joel Defries, Jane Yee, Shavaugn Ruakere and Dai Henwood – will be roaming the expected 40,000 strong crowd as well as interviewing bands both backstage, and at the C4 tent. Whilst presenters are currently busy squabbling over who gets to interview who – Joel Defries promises his coverage of the all important portaloo issue will put the film ‘Kenny’, which addresses similar subject matter, to shame!

Funnily enough..the Big Day Out doesn’t ‘just happen’ so we’ll be looking at what goes on behind the scenes to pull such an extravaganza together. We’ll also take a cheeky peek at artist riders, suggest survival tips for concert goers, get in some celebrity spotting and look at moments in Big Day Out history…and of course we’re talking with the headliners – the reason why so many people have parted with their hard earned cash! With a line up including The Killers, Jet, My Chemical Romance, Tool, Goodnight Nurse, Scribe, The Vines, Kasabian, The Mint Chicks, The Veils and the Violent Femmes…we seriously CANNOT wait!

C4: Live at the Big Day Out, Friday January 19th from 3pm – on air and online at www.c4tv.co.nz

Sunday 14 January: 8.30pm

U Choose 40 – The Best Big Day Out Artist Ever!

Count down to the No1 artist to play at The Big Day Out ever – as voted by you!

www.c4tv.co.nz to vote for your favourite!


OE: Glastonbury 2005

Saturday 13 January: 11:30pm

Clarke Gayford braved the mud, crowds and the Poms at the Glastonbury Festival 2005, including interviews with Maximo Park, The Bravery and The Kaizer Chiefs!

Saturday 13 January 10.30pm

Jane Yee and Clarke Gayford ventured to Byron Bay, Australia to take in the sights and sounds of the 2006 Splendour in the Grass music festival!!! Featuring interviews with Scissor Sisters, Snow Patrol, TV on the Radio, Wolfmother, The Zutons, DJ Shadow – and heaps and heaps of Aussies.

Message from traza.k from Ben’s web-site/fan-club sent to Ben’s Idolblog fan-club that I’m just adding here:

“Can YOU Please fwd to anyone/ everyone who could help….. by txting, emailing or phoning C4 to put the pressure on them to play Bens Music DVD….,

POSTAL ADDRESS:Private Bag 92624 / Symonds Street / Auckland / 1021 PHONE:(09) 377 9730 or 0800 C4 MUSIC

Their unbelieveable response today was….

….…. Quote “its not what they are looking for, and would not suit the content of what C4 wants “ , and they will not add it to their shows… which really sucks !!! considering some of the absolute rubbish they seem to think is Ok to play. I mean c’mon….!!!!

So they were not even prepared to put it on their “ Added this week “ program which is where all the new DVDS get played , and from there, people can txt etc to get it played more often…. , so much for support of NZ musicians…… in particular Idol participants….

Anyway…. pressure is required, ….the more they get, the more likely they will play the DVD…”

Run’s House is a reality series based around the life and family of former Run-DMC member, rapper and hip-hop pioneer Joseph Simmons aka “Reverend Run.”

Run’s House, for some unknown reason is a favourite show of mine. It’s probably one of two shows on C4 that I’m addicted to, but there seems to be a slight consistency with me and my tv watching especially with reality tv shows. The last show of this kind that I was also addicted to was The Osbournes, I even ventured out to the store and brought the freaking series dvd(s). What’s up with that!?!

On tonights show, A Healthy Heart, Run finds a dead fish in the family’s tanks and provides a proper Run send off with a prayer, preaching; ‘Ashes to ashes and flush to flush’. With mortality on the family’s mind Justine forces Run to have his first check up in 12 years.