David Duchovny lands new gig

Once Californication ends this year, David Duchovny will star in a new series Aquarius where he will play a Los Angeles police sergeant with a complicated personal life. In the late 1960s, he and his younger partner begin tracking a small-time criminal who specializes in luring vulnerable young women to his “cause.” That criminal turns out to be none other than hippie cult leader, Charles Manson.

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Restoration Home (finale) (Prime, 7.30pm)
Home renovation fans can enjoy the final episode of the first season of this BBC renovation-documentary-reality mashup: this last episode follows the owners of Big House, in Landshipping, Pembrokeshire, as they try to turn the historic building into a dream home, finding out along the way that the house was built on coal mining proceed … which is apparently something of a big deal. Continue reading »

californicationThe seventh season of Californication will be it’s last. Showtime in the USA has cancelled the raunchy show that stars David Duchovny.

The network has said the half hour show’s final episodes will wrap the storylines of major characters Hank (played by David Duchovny), Karen (Natasha McElhone), Charlie (Evan Handler) and Marcy (Pamela Adlon). Continue reading »

ArronEmett believes right person won MasterChef NZ

MasterChef NZ judge Josh Emett believes the “right man” won the show this year. “The right man won, didn’t he?” he said. “We liked Aaron, I liked Aaron, he was solid and didn’t misbehave like some can when they’re in the house – there’s a lot of food and booze there. He was good under pressure, he just nailed it. He also raised the standard of the show. I think he did a sensational job.”

Lopez not returning to Idol

Despite several rumours, Jennifer Lopez will not be returning to American Idol next season. Continue reading »

HeatherGrahamTwo join Californication

Heather Graham and Mary Lynn Rajskub are joining Californication for guest roles. Both actresses will appear in the seventh season premiere.

Good start for Bowler’s Defiance

The new American/Canadian series Defiance, which features Outrageous Fortune’s Grant Bowler in one of the lead roles, has become one of the most-watched premieres on the Syfy network with 2.7 million viewers. Continue reading »

michael-imperioliSopranos actor joins Californication

Former Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli has joined the cast of Californication for the upcoming seventh season. He will play an “old-school” TV producer who is involved in Hank’s (David Duchovny’s latest project).

The Glee Project put on hold

The Glee Project has been put on hold by its American network, Oxygen. The Glee spin-off has been running for two seasons. Continue reading »

Californication2013The often controversial Californication has been renewed for another season by the Showtime network.

The series, which follows the drunken adventures of David Duchovny’s troubled novelist Hank Moody, will return for a seventh season.

Season six is currently airing in the US and is proving a fan favourite, averaging 3.1 million per episode, which is up 21 per cent on last season.

Showtime has also renewed Shameless and House of Lies for new seasons. Continue reading »

“No plans” for Friends reunion

Friends executive producer Kevin S Bright has confirmed that there is “no talk” about a reunion for the cast. “There is absolutely, 100 percent no talk about a reunion,” Bright told TV Guide. “Maybe they’ll find a reason one day, and obviously the reason can’t be about money and things like that. Other than that, I don’t think there is a reason to do it.”

Girls renewed for third season?

Popular HBO comedy series Girls has reportedly been picked up for third season according to executive producer Judd Apatow. HBO are yet to confirm any future plans. Continue reading »

9:35pm – Monday, October 1 on TV 3

When we last left Hank Moody (David Duchovny), he had just been sentenced to three years probation for statutory-rape. His life was in tatters – his wife Karen (Natascha McElhone) and daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin) knew all about his dalliance with Mia (Madeline Zima), his best friend Charlie (Evan Handler) was dealing with his separation from Marcy (Pamela Adlon), and it was becoming increasingly more difficult for care-free Hank to continue his descent into full-blown hedonism.

Entering its fifth season on Monday, October 1 st at 9:35pm, Californication picks up two years and nine months into Hank’s probation, he is living in New York and has just split from his most recent girlfriend. Depressed, he jumps at an offer from Charlie to return to LA.

Charlie introduces Hank to hip-hop artist, Samurai Apocalypse, played by guest star RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. Samurai is keen for Hank to write a new movie for him to star in. All this would be fine if Hank hadn’t nearly joined the Mile High Club with Apocalypse’s main squeeze, Kali, on the flight from New York.

Since Hank’s departure to NYC, his family has gone through several changes too – Karen is now married to her college professor and notorious drunk, Bates; Becca is at college and has a new boyfriend, Tyler, who seems to share the same moral code as her father.

Could his enforced good behaviour have paved the way to a new lifestyle for Hank or will he succumb to his old ways with his return to LA? Find out when Californication returns on Monday, October 1 st at 9:35pm on 3.

Manson to guest on Californication

Marilyn Manson will play himself during a guest spot in Californication’s upcoming sixth season. The musician will have a “run-in” with David Duchovny’s Hank Moody.

Wahlberg confirms Entourage movie progress

Mark Wahlberg confirmed over the weekend that the Entourage movie is in the process of being written. “Doug Ellin is actually right now writing the script as we speak,” he told CNN. “He’s finally started writing and hopefully it won’t take too long now.” Continue reading »