Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

7:30pm Saturday, October 16 on TV2

Don’t miss the stunning sequel to Camp Rock starring teen sensations The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

Mitchie, Shane, Jason, Nate and their friends return to Camp Rock for another summer of music and fun. This time around, producer, Kevin Lafferty, told Disney he was adamant Nick Jonas’ character, Nate, would spend more time in front of the camera. “When it came time to start to playing Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, everybody realised that it was going to be crucial to have more for Nick to do,” he says.

And director, Paul Hoen, agreed: “I think when Nick walked on to the set, I thought wow, it’s like he’s a whole new guy. He really impressed me with his acting this time.”

For Nick, having more screen time was hugely exciting, but also a natural progression. “After we shot [Camp Rock], a lot changed in our careers, but to have a more predominant role in this one is so great. I’m just thankful they let [me and my brothers] be in the second one.”

With Nick and his brothers now seasoned actors, starring in a television series and Camp Rock, they were able to have a little more fun filming the sequel. “We learned a lot while shooting the [The Jonas Brothers], and being here again to shoot Camp Rock 2, we feel a little more comfortable in our own skin as actors,” says Nick.

“Shooting a TV show and being on the set of a movie are all so different. They each have their things that we love and that we would not trade for the world,” he continues.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam opens a whole new can of worms for the Rockers and their fellow performers as they soon learn a new state-of-the-art performance camp, Camp Star, has opened across the lake and lured away many of Camp Rock instructors and campers.

However, the arrival of Camp Star spells the beginning of a summer romance for Nick’s character Nate, and he couldn’t be happier.

“I think the fun part about my storyline is that it’s got that kind of Romeo & Juliette feel to it…it’s kind of a forbidden romance that ends up happening,” says Nick. “It’s a cute story and I think the songs that go along with it make it even better.”

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 2 October, 6.30pm

The sequel to Disney Channel Original Movie favourite, Camp Rock, this summer of fun opens with a high-pitched Camp Rock reunion. The Camp Rockers have returned, eager to tune up and rock out. Nobody’s more excited than Mitchie (Demi Lovato), who anticipates more than just a summer of music. Fresh from a world tour, the rock band “Connect 3” (the Jonas Brothers, playing Shane, Nate and Jason Gray) are hanging all summer – Shane to pursue last summer’s crush on Mitchie, with his brothers as moral support.

Disney Channels New Zealand and Australia, the #1 rating kids and family channel, today announced the 10 finalists for ‘My Camp Rock 2’, a talent competition in support of the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’, and Disney Channel fans will decide which team wins!

From more than 1,200 entries, the 10 finalists (two New Zealanders and eight Australians) were chosen based on an audition video featuring a performance of a song from the highly anticipated “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”, which premieres on Disney Channel on Saturday, 2 October at 6.30 p.m.

In the spirit of the movie, the finalists were split into two teams, ‘Team Bass’ and ‘Team Treble’, at a workshop held in Sydney at the Australian Institute of Music, where the finalists received specialist vocal and choreography training. The weekend, hosted by Adam Saunders of “Blue Water High” fame, culminated in a Final Jam performance in front of a live audience and was filmed.  

The weekend’s highlights will be edited into the short-form TV series ‘My Camp Rock 2’, which will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, 10 September, at 4.55 p.m., with new episodes airing twice weekly leading into the Australian premiere of “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” on 2 October.

Disney Channel fans are asked to tune in to the Final Jam performance on Friday, 24 September at 5.25 p.m. and then vote online at for their favourite team. The two performances also will be available for online viewing, and the team with the most votes from viewers will win the chance to rock it out in a professionally produced music video that will premiere on Disney Channel!

Louise Benham, Director of Production and Programming, Disney Channels Australia and New Zealand, said: “We were overwhelmed with the remarkable talent and energy of the 10 finalists.  We look forward to sharing the TV series with our dedicated and passionate fans, and handing over the tough decision of who wins to Disney Channel viewers in the lead up to the biggest musical event of the year, ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’”.

 The finalists are (in alphabetical order):

 ·       JUSTIN ABELLA, Melbourne

·       BLAKE APPELQVIST, Canberra

·       BROOKE AZZOPARDI, Bass Hill, NSW

·       LIZ CONDE, Calamvale, QLD

·       JE’VON GRAHAM, Auckland

·       KEIYNAN LONSDALE, Wentworth Point, NSW

·       TALIA SUH, Little Bay, NSW

·       ANGELA VA, Auckland

·       JACQUIE VOSSO, Melbourne

·       BLAKE WOOD, Lake Macquarie, NSW


From 24 September, visit to vote for your favourite team. Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’ premieres Saturday, 2 October, at 6:30pm. The CD soundtrack is available on Friday, 17 September, and the DVD is released on Wednesday, 20 October.

The New Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’ is coming soon and here is your chance to get involved!!

Disney channel is calling on talented singers and dancers aged 10 – 18 to enter the ‘My Camp Rock 2’ contest. To audition, visit to find song lyrics and music clips from ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’. Choose your favourite song, film your performance and submit your video audition for the chance to be one of 10 finalists selected by disney Channel!

The finalists will win a trip to Sydney for a weekend camp of choreography and vocal training taught by industry specialists. Film from the camp will serve as the basis for an upcoming TV series on Disney Channel called ‘My Camp Rock 2’.

Disney Channel viewers will be able to vote for their favourite team online and the winners will rock out in a professionally produced music video that will air on Disney Channel in Australia and New Zealand!

Learn what it really takes to be a star like Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers and have fun in the process!!

Entries close Tuesday, August 3rd 7.00pm NZST.

Its time to show us what you’ve got!

For more information on how to enter visit the Disney Channel website