Campbell Live TV3

What was the point of this very short and pointless story? I read about it 2 weeks ago and now Socialism @ Seven decides to run a story about it.

Julie Eru is the desendant of some tribe (I have no idea why they mentioned this). But she is a very attractive young lady, that was the first thing I noticed about her. She is flawlessly beautiful.

She applied for a job online and is emailed back and is told they don’t hire blacks. She decides to email them again using a European name, is told the job has been filled but it is a nice reply.

Mingbean Forbes (I’m too lazy to check her real name) of TV3 decides there is an injustice and goes and abuses the company where the email is sent.

The owner doesn’t speak English, so needs a translator who explains their email which is a Yahoo account (surprise, surprise) was hacked several weeks ago. Owner says he’s the victim. Mingbean shouts Julie is the victim. (victim of what? Not getting a job?)

End of segment shows Julie is now in employment as a flight attendant but she is writing a complaint to the Human Rights Commissioner. She wants someone fired, as she put it in her words.

She wants anyone fired?, even if it wasn’t the person that wrote the rascist email?

Who wrote the email? Well Campbell Live never even found that out. But apparently it’s Maori Language week, maybe that was the point of having the story?

Meanwhile hard working Asian people all over NZ get spat at, murdered while delivering pizzas, and abused by skinheads but they just get on with their lives and suffer in silence because no one is interested in doing a news item about it.