Canterbury Quake

Due to news coverage of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker obviously didn’t air last night so there is no need for me to write a recap. I would though like to use this chance to express my deepest condolences to the people of Chirstchurch, NZ and the world, who have lost friends, family, their homes, town, livelihood, sense of security and peace.

It is in a time like this that everything else seems trivial and we realize how many things we take for granted: who made the best cupcakes is less than nothing compared to the fact that some people don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 

I have been blown away watching the way Bob Parker has handled this horrific event. His ability to continuously be a man of strength, courage and hope: delivering the facts, comforting the broken people of his town and hold his own together is a testament to the man that he is.

Christchurch will never been the same again, but it will be stronger than ever as it recovers from having it’s world literally pulled from beneath it. I encourage people to help in anyway that they can, open your wallets and homes, donate basic life essentials, hug and comfort your neighbor who still doesn’t know if a friend or family member is safe.And when you sit down to eat your dinner tonight be grateful for every single bite of food.

Everyone has been affected by terrible ordeal in some way, and it is only through coming together that we can show that even the violent shaking of the our planet can not shake the goodness of humanity.

Christchurch we love you, our hearts weep with you, continue to be strong xoxoxox