Carluccio And The Renaissance Cookbook

Food TV – Sunday 20 July, 8.30pm

Chef Antonio Carluccio travels to Italy to cook the recipes of Renaissance cook Bartolomeo Scappis, Private Chef to Pope Pius V, whose cookbook Opera is credited with laying the foundations of modern Italian cuisine. This one-off documentary, with its lush scenery and mouth-watering ingredients is a visually stunning feast of history. Join Carluccio on his Italian pilgrimage as he delves into recipes that are more than 500 years old, cooking eel in Venice, porcini mushrooms in Lombardy, and stuffing a suckling pig in Rome. We begin our culinary tour in North Italy, in the town of Dumenza, visiting a local restaurant where the chef, Renzo, treats us to his regular menu made up of Scappis dishes. From there, we travel the canals of Venice and feast on the historical rich beauty of Rome, where Carluccio further explores Scappis culinary legend, ending the journey with a banquet fit for the Pope.