Cars & Superstars

From Saturday 17 February, 10.30pm on SKY 1

The ultimate car rally for the rich and famous is back! Follow six of the world’s most bizarre celebrity pairings as they head off for the road trip of a lifetime, attempting to make their way across America. Fuelled by an impressive schedule of private events at the finest hotels in the most exciting cities, ‘Bullrunners’ make their way from one checkpoint to the next, locked together in a car for 10 hours a day, trying not to get lost or arrested, as they compete to win £20,000 for the charity of their choice. This unforgettable adventure is heightened by an unrivalled roster of over 50 amazing cars, including Ferrari Enzos, Porsche Carrera GTs, Corvettes, Hummers, Lamborghinis and the very first outing of the first Bullrun prototype, the ‘Bullrun RT’. Taking part is a host of high profile celebrities, including Denis Rodman, ‘Lock Stock’ star Nick Moran, comedians Richard Blackwood and Phil Cornwell, Jackass star Ryan Dunn, Star Wars hero Hayden Christiansen. We also see the return of the original kooky characters from the first series, including Alex Roy in the Polizei Mercedes, daredevil Omar Sharif in his Corvette and Texan millionaire Richard Rawlings.

Followed at 11pm by an all new season of the cheeky Showtime reality series Family Business, chronicling the life and times of adult film industry personality Adam Glasser, a.k.a. porn star ‘Seymore Butts’.