Catherine’s Italian Kitchen

FOOD TELEVISION – Fridays from 1 January, 9pm

Food TV is delighted to introduce you to Irish chef, food writer and cookery teacher, Catherine Fulvio, in this colourful new cookery series, Catherine’s Italian Kitchen. When Catherine married an Italian husband, she married into a loving extended family who shares her passion for food. In the first episode of the series, she introduces us to her delightful second home in Sicily as she prepares for a large al fresco dinner party at the family villa in the beautiful seaside town of Balestrate. Her good friend and local baker Solina Testa Grossa provides freshly baked bread and an inviting package of Sfincione, a kind of soft Sicilian pizza. Filmed between Sicily and Ireland and is really more of a culinary journey and celebration of Southern Italy than just a cookery show, with each episode featuring three recipes in addition to visits to Sicilian towns where Catherine meets with the locals, discovering everything from their shopping habits to age-old recipes handed down through the generations.