Celebrity Joker Poker

Wednesday / May 14th / 8.30pm

NZ Celebrities compete for laughs and a whole lot of money in a no holds barred, high stakes game of poker that will ultimately benefit charity. Tonight – Devon Abrams from Shapeshifter, Mike King, Will Wallace, Temepara George and C4’s Dai Henwood raise the bets in the season finale of Celebrity Joker Poker!

Celebrity Joker Poker

“Celebrity Joker Poker” premieres its second season on C4 with a brand new group of celebrities ready to go ‘all in’ for a game of high stakes No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

Host Brooke Howard Smith is joined by 2006 Aussie Million winner , Lee Nelson providing colourful commentary and insight from the Wild Turkey Lounge, into the poker hands played by guest celebrities, including Dave Gibson, Ali Williams, Angus McDonald, Joe Cotton, Peter Urlich , Tim Shadbolt , Che Fu , Craig Parker,plus C4’s very own Dai Henwood, Phil Bostwick, Nick D and many more…

Each episode features four celebrities competing against each other for the chance to win thousands of dollars to donate to the Sky City charity of their choice.

Each week, a new group of celebrities meet at the table to go head to head until only one remains. The winner from each week’s game will advance to the championship final game.

Get tips from the best and see which of your favourite celebrities has the best poker face!

Wednesday / February 13th / 8.30pm