Celebrity Masterchef

5-30pm-avgAfter losing Home and Away, TV3 have struggled to make anything work in the 5:30pm timeslot that leads into their news bulletin.  Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals was down 80% on what HAA had been delivering but it’s still been the best choice of what’s been on offer so far.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals had an average of 55,486 viewers during the series while Celebrity Masterchef was down 19% on that to 45,166 viewers per episode.  Big Brother Australia, which started on Monday and screens from 4:30pm, is already down 4%.  Granted, we’ve only had two episodes though, the average audience is well below where the other shows started. Continue reading »

celebrity-masterchefJamie’s 15 Minute Meals was Mediawork’s replacement for Home and Away after losing it to TVNZ due to their receivership.  The season run ended on the 11th of October with the average audience per episode only a little over 55,000 viewers.  Home and Away had been drawing an average audience of 255,008 viewers on average in the two weeks leading up to the change so the overall loss is around 80%.

Changes were inevitable and last week, Celebrity Masterchef took over.  The final week of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of 51,574 viewers while Celebrity Masterchef managed to boost the numbers insignificantly by merely 176 viewers to 51,750.

TVNZ had a serious problem at 5:30pm for years but it was never this bad.

FOOD TELEVISION – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 November, 7.30pm

Twentyfour more celebrities are put through their paces to find out which aspiring cook will be crowned the new Celebrity Masterchef. Throughout this gruelling series, 24 celebrities are taken firmly out of their comfort zone as they face challenges that push them to the limits of their culinary potential. With a variety of different tastes, and a myriad of cooking skills, the celebrities are forced to show not only a passion for cooking, but an ability to keep a cool head under pressure – and turn out quality food, whatever the circumstances.

8:30pm Wednesday, January 27 on Prime

Entertainment Series

The final three Eamon, Rachael and Kirk battle it out in a three-round showdown. Round one is a taste test – they each enter the kitchen individually to try and guess the ingredients of paella, getting one point for each correct guess. In round two they must create a dessert using chocolate or strawberries. The final round is the pressure test, they must recreate an Andrew McConnell dish – salt baked chicken with hay.

8:30pm Wednesday, January 20 on Prime

Entertainment Series

The next hurdle facing Kirk, Eamon, Rachael and Alex in the semi-finals is the pressure test. They have to recreate a dessert which has previously proved the undoing of cooks in the MasterChef kitchen – the mighty croquembouche.

Pastry chef Adriano Zumbo has created the tower of profiteroles, adorned with sugar butterflies. There are chocolate profiteroles forming a swirl through the cake, as well as the usual kind filled with vanilla crème patisserie.

Adriano lets the celebrity contestants know that this recipe is twice has hard as the last croquembouche and that they have three and a half hours to conquer his recipe.

8:30pm Wednesday, January 13 on Prime

Entertainment Series

Today the remaining five celebrities face their toughest challenge, they are at the Altitude restaurant in Sydney where they must cater for paying customers. Each will have to prepare a dish and make it to order.

Kirk and Michelle make the entrées, Kirk plumps for tortellini of scallop and spanner crab while Michelle makes chili and basil cured hiramasa kingfish. Alex and Eamon are on main course duty – Eamon cooks a butter poached Angus beef steak and Alex tackles the suckling pig. Rachael is on desserts and has to create a Warm Chocolate fondant.

They all struggle under the pressure and time constraints and at the end of the day when their dishes are tasted one contestant will be eliminated, leaving only four.

8:30pm Wednesday, January 6 on Prime

Entertainment Series

The semi-finals begin with the six winning celebrities from their heats, Kirk Pengilly, Michelle Bridges, Eamon Sullivan, Simon Katich, Rachael Finch and Alex Lloy. Their first challenge is a Mystery Box Challenge which contains Lamb back strap, potato, coffee, chocolate, orange and spinach. They will all have just 45 minutes to create a dish using some or all of the ingredients that will impress the judges and win themselves the advantage in the Invention Test. Kirk cooks Char- grilled lamb on a citrus salad, Eamon an Espresso Brulee with chocolate Mousse and an Orange & Mint Salad, Rachael makes a chocolate fondant with an Orange and mint soup, Michelle cooks an Orange Soufflé in a crepe, Simon makes marinated lamb with skordalia, Alex cooks mint crusted Lamb, potato gratin & beetroot chips.

The theme of the Invention Challenge is Christmas and the winner of the previous round gets to choose between seafood and summer fruits, ham and white chocolate or turkey and dried fruit.

8:30pm Wednesday, December 30 on Prime

Entertainment Series

Musician Alex Lloyd, TV host Fuzzy and comedian & actor Peter Rowsthorn (Kath & Kim) are vying for the last place in the semi finals. To start with they each have to cook their signature dishes – Alex cooks fragrant prawn ravioli while Fuzzy makes two dishes, chili calamari and Pandan crepes and Peter cooks a rack of lamb and a chocolate ripple cake.

The winner of this first round gets to pick which of the two Katrina Kanetani dishes they will all cook in the pressure test. The winner must choose from a chocolate crème brulee or sumac strawberry with chocolate sponge

8:30pm Wednesday, December 23 on Prime

Entertainment Series

In tonight’s heat, Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch, AFL player Ryan O’Keefe and journalist and author, George Negus are going head to head in the MasterChef kitchen.

Round one sees Ryan serve the judges his Fettuccine Bolognese. Rachael serves crispy skin salmon with mango salad and beurre blanc, as well as French crêpes with crème pâtissière and strawberry salad. George Negus presents his Oysters Negus and Risotto Bonza.

The winner of this first round gets to pick which of the two Tony Bilson dishes they will all cook in the pressure test. The winner must choose from a Tart of Scallops and Truffles with Sweetbreads, Spinach Puree and Beurre Blanc or a bouillabaisse.

8:30pm Wednesday, December 16 on Prime

Entertainment Series

This episode sees three new celebrities cook off against each other for their chance to be Australia’s first Celebrity MasterChef.

Author & comedian Wendy Harmer, Australian cricketer Simon Katich and fashion designer Alex Perry compete for a place in the semi-finals.

Round one sees the Aussie celebs cook their signature dishes, with the winner getting an advantage over the others in round two. Wendy cooks Sautéed Mustard Rabbit, Simon makes Herb Crusted Salmon & Alex makes a Greek Spanakopita.

The winner of this first round gets to pick which of the two Stephanie Alexander dishes they will all cook in the pressure test. The winner must choose from a Coulibiac of Salmon or Lemon Curd Layer cake.