Chain Gang Girls

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 30 January, 6.30pm

What do a car thief, a speed addict, and a prostitute have in common? 10 feet of steel-linked chains working side by side doing time. They’re part of a 15-woman chain gang. They paint over graffiti, bury dead John Doe’s, and clear highway brush. Is it torture or tough love? Meet the women and law enforcement officers of this public punishment plan on Chain Gang Girls Series 2.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays from 13 October, 9.30pm

What do a car thief, a speed addict and a prostitute have in common? Sturdy steel linked chain, walking side by side, doing time. They are part of a 15 woman chain-gang at a controversial US correctional facility. We meet the real women, of varying ages and backgrounds from the 20 year old prostitute Faythe, to the 50 year old mother of four armed robber, Mary. We also meet the brash and outspoken the tough guy behind the program Sherriff Joe Arpaio and his officers. Some say it is sadistic, others if you can t do the time, don’t do the crime, but there is certainly no patience for sob stories in this intense program that pushes the women to their emotional limits. When ones got to go to the bathroom, they all go. When one is dragging, they all take the slack. Their personalities clash, and there are tearful visits with families. Ultimately, a bond is forged that is greater than any steel chain, as the women are forced to face the truth about their lives, will they break the chains and change their ways? Or are they destined for a life of crime and punishment?