Cheese Slices

FOOD TELEVISION – Saturdays from 1 January, 7.30pm

Will Studd returns in an all new series of Cheese Slices in response to the consumer led revolution happening in the world of cheese. There is a growing interest in how cheese is made, where it comes from and an encouraging and exciting global resurgence in artisanal cheese-making. We are demanding tastier more interesting cheeses with distinctive flavours, textures and aromas, but to recognise them we need to know what to look for. Join Will as he travels to the dramatic mountainous cheese-making regions of Norway, Scotland and Piedmont, and the rolling green pastures of Germany, Denmark and Wales with rare, behind-the-scenes footage of traditional cheese-making in Provence and Sicily, and a special look at artisan cheese making in Tasmania. Cheese Slices will stimulate you to eat, encourage you to travel and most importantly help you choose the best cheese to keep the revolution going!

Saturdays from 14 March, 7pm on Food Television

Master of cheese Will Studd continues to explore the fascinating story behind some of Europe’s best loved cheese in this new series of Cheese Slices.

Tune in for an entertaining glimpse of how traditional benchmark cheeses are made and explore the passion and skill of those who make them. Learn how to recognise genuine parmesan, the difference between camembert and brie and how traditional cloth bound farm cheddar is made.

Take a closer look at passion and skill required to create one of the world’s oldest manmade foods, and look at the importance of preserving the wonderful diversity of regional cheeses. Beyond the supermarket world, dominated by industrial brands, cheese has a culture rich with history and tradition. Join Will as he lifts the lid on this ancient craft, and guides you through a revival in the traditional art of cheese-making.

All New Episodes: Cheese Slices

Food TV – Wednesday 5 September, 9.00pm

Explore the fascinating story behind genuine Normandy Camembert and Roquefort and discover the secrets of maturing the best Comte Gruyere, Gorgonzola and cave-ripened Tallegio. Touring three continents, Cheese Slices takes a mouth-watering look at the world’s best-loved cheeses and explores the passion and the skill of the cheese makers who create them. Series three includes the tradition and history behind Greek Feta, Edam and Gouda from the Netherlands, and the hand made farmhouse cheeses of Northern California. Hosted by Master of Cheese, Will Studd, Cheese Slices is a unique cheese degustation without equal.