Child Geniuses

Monday, 14th April, at 8.30pm

Child Geniuses documents the lives of ten gifted children as they grow up. At three-years-old, Mikhail is the youngest ever member of Mensa. He can multiply five figure numbers before most kids can count to 10. Ten-year old Aimee is the youngest person ever to be admitted to the Royal College of Music. Michael was reading Shakespeare and learning Mandarin when he was five – he’s now one of Britain’s youngest authors. These are not average, everyday children. Their lives are a constant round of competitions and contests with all the heartache that can bring. But what makes such an exceptional child? Are they born this way or can they really be made? And what of the parents? Will having there children labelled as ‘gifted’ be a dream or a living nightmare as they struggle to handle the repercussions of their prodigy’s superpowers.