Chinese Food Made Easy

FOOD TELEVISION – Thursdays from 5 March, 8.30pm

Explore the delicious world of Chinese cuisine with food entrepreneur Ching-He Huang in Chinese Food Made Easy. Discover the fashionable world of noodles, dim sum and dumplings. Learn how to prepare authentic egg fu yung and zesty chilli tiger prawns with ease. Forget all you know about Chinese takeaway, and embrace the full flavour and art behind your favourite dishes. Ching shares her philosophy of Ying and Yang in Chinese cooking, balancing hot and cold ingredients, to create the perfect, authentic Asian Cuisine. Learn how to cook a healthy version of sweet and sour pork, and study basic but fail safe tips on using a wok and cooking the perfect rice. Forget the takeaway, Chinese Food Made Easy will provide you with the confidence and the know how to create tasty, authentic cuisine every time!