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Happy 2nd Birthday Chinese TV8!!

ChineseTV8 (or CTV8) turns 2 this August 13th, 2009, it is New Zealand’s first digital chinese oriented channel owned and operated by the country’s gaint Asian multimedia channels broadcaster: World TV (World Television Limited). The surreptious multimedia corporate owns over 13 digital television an 2 radio stations exclusively on Sky Digital Channels 301 to 312. However, it has been about 2 years since the launch of its only regional chinese channel, CTV8 (on Auckland’s UHF) and 1 year since the launch of its debut on digital free-to-air, Freeview HD. The birthday of CTV8 have so far demonstrated it’s analogue-regional to digital-national transition as well as other first time achievements in New Zealand media landscape.


Chinese TV 8 generally caters for fluent chinese speakers and chinese-breed people – which broadcasts mainly in Mandarin audio (in 576i). Because of its niche market the live nature of the channel functions along the same mechanics as triangle STRATOS and Triangle Television, where World TV (company who owns CTV8) cuts into live broadcast links from Chinese broadcasters such as China Central TeleVision (CCTV), MacTV (Taiwan), Phoenix InfoNews (Hong Kong) and many other more. The programming featured on the channel includes Films, Mainland dramas, Factual bulletins, Live News, Documentaries, Performing and Visual showcases, Entertainment, social gossip, theological lectures and animation cartoons and other generic programmes – mainly of which a live programme simulcasting the ‘AM936 News Talk for Today’ broadcasted weekdaily at 3pm on CTV8. But All in all a broad mix variety of captivating programming.

Chinese TV8s’ simulcasted radio bulletins can also be found on TVNZ ONDEMAND (just go to: and click ‘WATCH EPISODES’) [GOOD ON YA TVNZ!!!]

Chinese TV8 broadcasts only on the Auckland Analogue network (UHF Ch62) and Freeview HD (Channel 28) in standard definition. The TVNZ.CO.NZ TV Listings and Freeview HD EPG displays the 8-day live CTV8 schedule in English. If you find any quiries contact the World TV managers. More information about CTV8 can be found on:  and through its official website:

 > So what do you think about ChineseTV8?     How do you find the programming?    ChineseTV8 does have its own original ident segment, can anybody record and upload it on the net? (Please do not submit any defamatory comments, thanks!).