ChineseTV8 | World TV

To comemerate the Chinese New Year Of the Tiger 2010 (or Lunar New Year) World TV Limited (owners of ChineseTV8, on Freeview HD and other Chinese and Asian TV and radio channels, on Sky Digital) are launching their annual new years festival and celebrations at the Manukau TelestraClear Pacific Events Centre in South Auckland, this Saturday 13th Feburary 2010 from 3pm.

The celebrations begin with the traditional Chinese Lion and Dragon dance. The celebrations include a mini carnival and hundreds of Asian food stalls outside the events centre. The event is anticipated to bring into the tens of thousands of people, mainly from Asian and Pacific ethnic backgrounds (In 2009, World TV attracted over 40,000 people). Finally, the festival will conclude with spectacular fireworks and customised pyrotechnical displays (around 10:30-ish pm) and can be seen as far as parts of Ramarama and Pakuranga. The full events schedule may be available. The festival is being sponsored by the Manukau City Council, ASB and many others. So come along and enjoy the festivities.

Now on the tv side of things, World TV are televising this event throughout the day and broadcasting (delayed) onto their 10 digital channels both on Freeview HD and Sky Digital (limited to subscription). It is expected that the broadcast will be 1 to 2 weeks ahead of the event. Unfortunately, the Mandarin speaking hosts can cause a barrier.

ChineseTV8, remains free-to-air on digital Freeview HD channel 28 (Limited to main centres).