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Choice TV announced today the strategic investment by Blue Ant Media, which will result in it becoming the majority shareholder of Choice TV.

Blue Ant Media, one of Canada’s largest independent media companies, produces and distributes content globally for targeted categories including lifestyle, nature, music and travel. The company engages fans across television, digital, magazines and live events. Blue Ant owns and operates 10 consumer media brands, including Cottage Life, Travel+Escape, Oasis and Smithsonian Channel Canada. Continue reading »

days-of-our-livesChoice TV have announced that today’s episode of Days of our Lives marked the end of their initial run with the series.

Today’s episode of The Days of our Lives is our final for now. When we purchased the series we took a year’s worth of episodes and these have now run out. We need to evaluate how the series has worked for us and hope to have more news at a later date but just wanted to let you all know……

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Choice TV’s Days of Our Lives is about to set a new day time TV milestone in the US this week with the first same-sex wedding between two male characters, Sonny and Will.

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I would like to apologize to Choice TV, Brian Holland from Choice TV and to Regan Cunliffe over the posting below made the other day, which clearly should have been looked into further before the post was made.

It is habit for me to dive in before finding out the full story and this experience has made realize that I need to rethink the way I do things on message boards like Throng and elsewhere.

I believed at the time it was the right thing to do but to call out Choice TV as I did, on reflection, was the incorrect way of doing things and I also apologize for that as well.

I sincerely hope this has not ruined the relationship Throng has with Choice TV and I also hope it has not ruined the relationship I have with Regan as a member of Throng.

Thank you.

When Choice TV announced it was bringing back Days Of Our Lives many would have been pleased with this as it had been 3 years since TVNZ removed it and The Young & The Restless from our screens.

We were also promised, and this was mentioned on Throng and in TV Guide, that episodes were going to be 6 months behind America.

However, it emerged from the end credits of yesterday’s first episode back that we are viewing episodes from 2011, and not 6 months ago.

To further add to this I asked Choice TV, via Twitter, why they said 6 months behind America and they replied back that they meant to say 6 months behind Australia.

In checking the soap recaps at it seems that we are 18 months behind America’s screening

So would Choice TV like to explain why the public and myself have been told two different periods in time when the reality is that we are watching episodes that aired in America 18 months ago.

And just out of curiosity I’ve checked Nine’s website and they today aired episode no. 11709, that originally aired in America on November 4, 2011.

(Update: 7:05pm, 12/3/2013 – After talking with Choice TV on Twitter it is now my belief that in TV Guide and on Throng the mention of America may have been incorrect and that they meant to say Australia instead, which is only some 2 months ahead of NZ but is still airing material originally broadcast in America in 2011).

This week sees Choice TV launch ‘Choice TV On Demand’, specifically designed for a multi-media Kiwi audience.

The launch comes just ten weeks after the lifestyle and entertainment channel launched across New Zealand, on Freeview Channel 12.

Viewers who may have missed an episode or want to see their favourite show again, can simply go to to catch up! Continue reading »

Choice TV is now officially available to viewers with Freeview Satellite decoders.

From July 10, official Freeview sat decoders automatically tuned themselves to receive the channel.

According to the channel’s official Facebook page, TelstraClear Cable will automatically update to receive it also at midnight tonight.

From September 1, Choice TV will be available as part of Sky TV’s basic package on Channel 78 nationwide.

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Choice TV launches Morgan Spurlock’s five part series 50 Documentaries to See Before Your Die tonight as well as a five week run of feature documentaries featured in or inspired by the series.

The documentary screens on Choice TV at 7:30pm and is followed up at 8:30pm by Spellbound, a nail-biting Academy Award nominated documentary set in the high-pressure world of the championship Spelling Bee.

Spellbound follows the journey of eight young American teenagers who compete alongside 240 others at the annual final. Spellbound offers equal doses of humour, heartbreak and drama, and creates a delightful and moving portrait of contemporary American society.

Spellbound screens at 8:30pm on Choice TV.

Choice TV is excited to announce a key achievement, just weeks after launching on Freeview Terrestrial on 28 April.

Choice TV has immediately met the required minimum audience ratings threshold as set by AC Nielsen. Therefore as of 29 July, Choice TV’s ratings data will be made available to the Industry.

“We are delighted that Choice TV has been so warmly received and supported by both viewers and advertisers, and to meet Nielsen’s requirements in such a short timeframe is an amazing achievement.” said Choice TV’s Head of Programming and Acquisitions Julia Baylis. Continue reading »

New Zealanders are set to get even more choice, with the newly launched TV channel Choice TV rolling out on further platforms.

Choice TV is New Zealand’s newest, freshest TV channel which launched in late April on Channel 12 of Freeview Digital Terrestrial television across the nation, to more than 800,000 homes.

And now six weeks later Choice TV is taking the channel to the next level.

From today, Choice TV is available to viewers on TelstraClear Cable’s T-Box pay (SKY) package in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, on Channel 78.

Then, from the first week of July, Choice TV will be available to a further 187,000 homes across New Zealand on Freeview Satellite (DTH), on Channel 12. Continue reading »