Chris Ryan’s Elite Police

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Friday 29 January, 9.30pm

Enter the explosive world of Special Forces legend and bestselling author Chris Ryan, the only man to escape from the Special Forces Bravo Two Zero mission during the first Gulf War. In this high-octane series, Chris travels the world’s crime and terror hotspots to train and operate alongside a new breed of law enforcer – the Elite Police! Chris knows a thing or two about combat and danger zones. This series transports you into the thick of all the action with the elite forces of Poland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Israel and Sri Lanka. Witness the workings of highly organised and deadly crime fighters in these exotic and sometimes dangerous locations. The officers are no strangers to dealing with a host of gritty and challenging situations from their gruelling training in order to face bullets, bombs and bloodshed at the hands of organised and violent criminals in the line of duty. Travelling to Brazil he meets the famously hard paramilitary police unit BOPE who are at the frontline of fighting against Rio de Janeiro’s drug gangs. In Colombia, he joins the Junglas police on a top-secret mission to blow up cocaine labs hidden in rebel-held territory. Other police units he encounters include Kazakstan’s secretive Sunkar unit; the feared Russian special force, Spetznaz; the elite force of Poland, BOA; the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales who tackle violent organised crime in Mexico City; and a team of Israeli special police as they try and track down arms smugglers and people traffickers across the vast Negev Desert. Chris Ryan’s Elite Police is a journey into the fight against the very darkest organised crime around the globe.