Chubby Children

VIBE – Sundays from 13 May, 6.30pm

Forget drugs and knives. The biggest threat to your kids is in your fridge. Britain’s youngest professor of obesity Paul Gately visits the homes of families with overweight children, often disgruntling them as he attempts to tip the balance of their food pyramids. Each week Paul visits a family and introduces new rules and regimes that will help change their bad eating and lifestyle habits. To be healthy and happy they must implement routine, schedule and balance into their lifestyles in order to give their children a better shot at a life.

Saturday 27 September, 1pm

This eye-opening series looks at one of the most alarming trends in British society today – obese children. Paul Gately, Britain’s youngest professor of obesity, meets families with kids whose lives are plagued by unhealthy diets, inactivity and low self-esteem.

Gately’s mission: to reverse the bad habits that have infiltrated these families’ lives and ensure that the children maintain balanced diets and healthy lifestyles.

In each episode, Paul visits a family to examine their kitchens, limitless junk food drawers and lifestyles in general. The first step is to test each child’s fitness, BMI and levels of obesity to see how best to reverse it. Paul discusses the results with the parents, and endeavours to change their lives for the better, pulling together five simple rules to help them along the way.

The most revealing moment in the show is when the children are left alone with a camera and talk about their private weight issues, often revealing their true frustrations to their parents. Helping them with shopping, cooking, introducing the children to exercise, and regular pep talks are all part of Paul’s process to encourage life changes.

This week, 11-year-old Jordan and 4-year-old sister Chloe are both well over the BMI marker for obesity. This shocks their parents into action, letting Paul re-educate them with healthy guidelines.