Chucks Day Off

FOOD TELEVISION – Tuesdays from 17 April, 8.30pm

Chuck’s Day Off is back with more food, more fun and more Chuck. In every episode Chuck Hughes spends his day off cooking for friends, family and suppliers. Sandwiched in between the mouth-watering recipes are rock and roll reality segments that give an insight behind the scenes of the Montreal’s hottest restaurant. The end result is addictively delicious television.

FOOD TELEVISION – Mondays from 29 June, 8pm

What does the owner and head chef of the city’s hottest restaurant do on his only day off every week? If you’re Chuck Hughes, you cook.

Every episode is shot at Chuck’s restaurant in Canada and follows him preparing food for whatever he’s chosen to get up to on his day off. But just because the front doors are closed doesn’t mean the business of running a restaurant shuts down… While cooking, Chuck juggles the array of deliveries, challenges and characters that pop into the restaurant on the one day of the week that the public isn’t allowed in. From his own BBQ sauce to spicing up vegetable classics, Chuck provides viewers with everyday and useable recipes that are easily recreated in the home, as well as an edgy look into the reality of the city’s hottest chef and the inner-workings of his restaurant.