Cities Of The Underworld

HISTORY CHANNEL – Saturday 11 April, 6.30pm

Ethiopia is home to some of the oldest settlements in the world. This cradle of mankind is a country born from legend and shrouded in mystery. An ancient home to both Jews and Muslims, Ethiopia is also the world’s second oldest Christian nation. But if you were a Christian during ancient times, and if you wanted to stay alive, the only place to practice your faith was underground. From underground engineering marvels to remote, cliff-hanging caves, Ethiopia’s isolated churches allowed Christianity to evolve in ways found nowhere else in the world. From tombs of vanished emperors and subterranean cathedrals where orthodox priests have been worshipping for thousands of years, to the buried Palace of the Queen of Sheba and the possible resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, clues to Ethiopia’s lost legends and tribes are littered right here…in the African underground.

The History Channel – Monday 7 July, 7.30pm

Cities of the Underworld comes back with its exciting second new series, revealing the technological marvels that allowed the construction of one city upon another. Series 2 reveals more cities around the world with its fascinating and unknown history. Explorations of cities include Tokyo, Prague, Chicago and Jerusalem.