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mark-sainsburyMark Sainsbury has officially joined the MediaWorks family, starting off with a radio show.

Mark Sainsbury has signed with RadioLIVE to host Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury (6am-11am).

Sunday Mornings with Mark Sainsbury takes a look back at the major news events of the week, previews the week ahead and interviews a diverse range of engaging subjects. The 9am Soundtrack to Your Life feature takes an in-depth look at the lives and musical influences of well-known New Zealanders with Winston Peters in the hot seat this weekend. Continue reading »

marksainsburyThe headline in this morning’s Sunday Star Times read “Personal Grievances at TVNZ Double”.

TVNZ spent almost quarter of a million dollars to settle a doubling in personal grievance cases in the past financial year.

The payments cover employment action taken by 10 staff and total $246,000 – up $182,150 on 2012, during which there were four settled personal grievances.

In 2011, TVNZ paid out $82,000 following four grievances, and in 2010 the figure was $86,250 following five complaints against the network.

Let’s crunch these numbers.  This equates, on average, to 4 people being paid $20,500 in 2010, 5 people being paid $17,250 in 2011, 4 people being paid 15,692.50 in 2012 and mysteriously, 8 people being paid $30,750 each in 2013.

That settlement trend was heading down until 2013, the year Seven Sharp replaced Close Up. One large, single settlement could easily bump up those numbers without creating any cause for concern over other issues of grievances at TVNZ. Continue reading »

Last year we spent a lot of time looking at the rating data between both Seven Sharp and Campbell Live.  With both shows returning tonight for 2014, and with TV One giving Seven Sharp a few tweaks, this year is likely to be just as interesting.  Which direction will Mike Hosking’s inclusion in Seven Sharp take the show?  Can Campbell Live build on their audience from 2013 and further erode TV One’s dominance at 7pm?  Those, and more, are the questions that will be interesting to watch being answered this year but before we get to that, let’s look at the final numbers from 2013.

campbell-live-vs-seven-sharp-week-2013 Continue reading »

paulhenrysoontv3Here is today’s trivia question: Which current affairs show did this motor vehicle company used to sponsor?

Kia Motors New Zealand has signed as sponsor of The Paul Henry Show, which premieres at 10.35pm on Monday 27 January.

The highly anticipated programme is a new approach to late news; topical – not typical, outspoken – not out-dated.  Each weeknight, brilliant and irrepressible broadcaster Paul Henry will look past the headlines to focus on the news that’s most important to New Zealanders.   Continue reading »

close-up-to-cl-ssIt has been reported that the decline in TV viewership in 2013 is down 5% on last year with the last few months down 10-15%.  Here is something to consider though.

In 2012, the combined viewership of Close Up and Campbell Live at 7pm was on average, 688,508 viewers each night.  In 2013, that number to date is 677,663.  That’s a decline of only 1.6%, or 10,845 viewers per night.

When you consider the overall drop in viewership, it would appear from these figures that the 7pm current affairs shows have not suffered nearly as much as everything else.  This could be interpreted as though current affairs, particularly at 7pm, is what viewers are interested in watching. Continue reading »

Last week I took a look at how Campbell Live has actually fared in 2013 and while Seven Sharp has dominated in the ratings, the outlook for TV3’s current affairs program was much better than it may have seemed.

Today we take a look at how Seven Sharp has performed compared to Close Up.

tvone-7pm-audience-decline-percentTVNZ had stated that the reason for the changes at 7pm were due to the declining ratings.  In 2011, Close Up was down 1.5% on 2010.  2012, which may have been the clincher for the decision, saw a 7.6% decline in audience.  2013 really has been much, much worse for TVNZ though as the free fall hasn’t been stopped or even been slowed, it has sped up.  In 2013, Seven Sharp has managed to lose 16.9% of the audience from 2012.

Seven Sharp has taken TV One from having an average audience of 453,104 viewers per episode in 2012 to 376,558 in 2013 – on average that’s 76,546 less viewers every single night in 2013 compared to how Close Up performed last year. Continue reading »

Last night marked the fourth straight win in a row for Campbell Live and the fifth win in six nights over TV One’s Seven Sharp.  I note, with interest, that nothing has been mentioned about this, or Campbell Live‘s new records they set last week by the mainstream media who were pretty keen to slap Seven Sharp around.

We’ve had some interesting dicussions with people in the 55+ demo who used to watch Close Up but are now flipping over to TV3 for their current affairs as they can’t stand those “immature folk” on TV One. They’re still watching One News though but it will be interesting to see what happens over time if the ageing population decides to turn their back on TVNZ after their regular messing with the brand.

The next couple of weeks of ratings between these two shows should be very interesting.

When Paul Holmes departed TVNZ for Prime, TV3 jumped at the chance to put a new current affairs show up against the replacement, Close Up.  Campbell Live debuted with an average audience of 415,200 viewers on the 21st of March, 2005 and that record remains as the highest rating episode in the show’s history.

Fast forward to 2013 and Close Up is gone, replaced by Seven Sharp, a show that has been described as a light-hearted take on current affairs, in the hope that TV One could stem the falling viewership problems they’d been experiencing.  Then, for the first time in Campbell Live’s history, TV3 beat TV One in the 7pm timeslot.  That monumental occasion was repeated three times in the first two months.

The stars are definitely rising for John Campbell and his team.  The 30 day moving average is up nearly 100,000 viewers per episode on the start of the year and is at the highest point in the show’s history.

campbell-live-ratings-start-to-18-04-2013 Continue reading »

We now have two complete months of ratings data since Seven Sharp debuted as the new opponent to Campbell Live and the results are good and bad:

campbell-live-vs-seven-sharp-month-2b Continue reading »

One month of Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live ratings data

TVNZ made it quite clear from the outset that despite the initial ratings snapshots for Seven Sharp “it was still too early to draw conclusions on how the show was tracking” but they’re “very happy with the way the new show is bedding in, but wouldn’t expect to have any firm idea of the trends for another month or so.”

Now that we have a month’s worth of data, we asked TVNZ to comment on how they feel Seven Sharp is performing. A spokesperson for the network told us:

“TVNZ is upbeat about Seven Sharp’s performance so far and we’re pleased with how the show is bedding in.

Seven Sharp is the most popular nightly current affairs show with all New Zealanders. Since it launched last month Seven Sharp has performed ahead of Campbell Live in terms of ratings and audience share for the 5+ TV audience.

There’s growing interest in the show and we’ve got a great base to build on.” Continue reading »