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seven-sharp-logoThe second episode of Seven Sharp took a 19.3% dive last night with an average audience of 400,960 compared to 496,950 the night before.   Continue reading »

seven-sharp-logoWithout commenting on Seven Sharp specifically (as I missed it) let’s look at its creation from a different angle. We are constantly told by both the Government and the board of TVNZ that it must run as a commercial business so why in this instance have they allowed their News and Current affairs department to operate with what would appear to be complete and utter commercial ineptitude?

I agree that without a charter and significant public funding TVNZ is simply a business and following that line of argument, like any other business they must create products that people either like or don’t like – viewers will buy/view the products/programmes or they will leave them on the shelf.

So let’s parallel the path to the creation of Seven Sharp with any another business. Continue reading »

What do you think?

The arrival of December marks the end of the month-long festivity we know as Movember and what better time to applaud the men of television who celebrate Movember all year round.

As many of us reach for the razors and regain the respect of loved ones, the men on this list will continue to sport their ‘staches and show us all how it’s done.

Here’s our top 10, let us know what you think. Continue reading »

The Broadcasting Standards Authority had not upheld complaints against Close Up regarding a piece on the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

The March 2012 item focussed on a former member of the church, X, who said that she had made several large donations to the church that left her in a position of financial hardship.

Complaints were made by the church and two viewers who believed the item to be unfair and unbalanced. They also argued that the story breached the privacy of the church’s members, including X. Continue reading »

While there are those who are gnashing their teeth at the thought of TVNZ axing yet more news and current affairs, they seem to have completely missed the point that TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Ross Dagan, said:

“the proposed closure of the show is a pro-active response to feedback that television viewers are looking for something fresh and quite different in early evening current affairs.”

Are these wailers oblivious to the complaints about the direction in which Close Up has been heading?  Based on the ratings, it appears as though some of the audience has, in fact, decided to switch off.

Throng has compiled the numbers and based on the graph below, Close Up is consistently rating lower compared to last year. Continue reading »

In the wake of speculation surrounding today’s Close Up announcement, MediaWorks wishes to make the following statement.

The future of flagship current affairs programme Campbell Live is not in any doubt.

MediaWorks TV is committed to intelligent, relevant daily current affairs, is proud of the achievements of Campbell Live, and is 100% behind host John Campbell, executive producer Pip Keane, and the Campbell Live team. Continue reading »

Now that TVNZ has announced that they are considering cancelling Close Up, everyone has an opinion on what it’s replacement should be and what it should look like.  Bill Ralston thinks it would be a disaster for news and viewers.  (Has he watched Close Up recently?)  The reality is, TVNZ could put a walrus on screen at 7pm on TV One and people would still watch.

I heard suggestions this morning that what would work best would be a John Stewart/Daily Show type of format.  Perhaps, but fronted by whom? Continue reading »

TVNZ is proposing to end weeknight current affairs show ‘Close Up’ as this year winds down.

If the proposal is confirmed, a new daily current affairs show with a distinctively different format would launch in the 7pm slot in the new year.

TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Ross Dagan, says the proposed closure of the show is a pro-active response to feedback that television viewers are looking for something fresh and quite different in early evening current affairs. Continue reading »

TV ONE’s Breakfast has seen a 10 per cent rise in the available audience share for the month of May 2012.

Increasing from 36 per cent share of all people aged 5+ in April, to 40 per cent in May, Breakfast now has over three times the audience than that of Firstline.

TVNZ’s Editor Daily Programmes John Gillespie says, “Breakfast is a format that certainly engages and speaks to New Zealanders, and we continue to see that with our audience share in this timeslot.  Rawdon (Christie), Petra (Bagust) and Tamati (Coffey) make for a very strong weekday team; it’s a trio our viewers are really liking.”  Continue reading »