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TVNZ has banned part-time Close Up host Mike Hosking from reporting on any stories associated with SkyCity Entertainment due to a celebrity deal he has with them.

The broadcaster was unaware of the deal Hosking has with SkyCity but Newstalk ZB, who employs Hosking for a breakfast show, were aware of the association.

TVNZ spokesperson Megan Richards said that due to the nature of the relationship Hosking has with the casino, he would not be handling any more news items to do with it. Continue reading »

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has had a bumper year in the complaints department, with Paul Henry playing a huge part.

In the year to June, the BSA received a total of 250 complaints, a figure that is up 90 per cent from four years ago.

A large number of those were due to Henry’s colourful contributions to the Breakfast programme on TV One, which ultimately led to his exit from TVNZ. 

Breakfast was joined by Outrageous Fortune as the most complained about shows on TV in the year, with most of Breakfast’s complaints coming from two episodes where Henry made comments about Sir Anand Satyanand and Sheila Dikshit.

Of the 250 complaints, the BSA issued 236 decisions and upheld 69 of the complaints in part or in full.

Of the evening news and current affairs programmes, Close Up was the most-complained about with 3 News, One News and Campbell Live following in that order.

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Close Up presenter Mark Sainsbury finds it odd to be “making history” as the first person in Australasia to be immortalised as a Muppet by Disney.  The “Mark Muppet” will make his television debut on Close Up at 7pm tonight.

The Muppet sports Sainsbury’s signature moustache, a blue jacket, white shirt and a tie.  It was made in New York by The Muppet Workshop – Disney’s official muppet makers.

Sainsbury said the tribute came after Close Up producer and keen puppeteer Chris Lynch, who was mad about doing something on The Muppets, was sent to the US to do a “dream interview with Miss Piggy and Kermit”.

While in Los Angeles Lynch said he suggested using a puppet to interview the Muppets.

“Disney said they would prefer a human to be the reporter, but offered to make a “Mark Muppet” for us,” Lynch said.

Sainsbury said he thought Lynch was joking when he came back and said it had been given the go ahead.

“I thought it was odd at the time to be Muppetised – I didn’t even know that was a word.”

“The Muppets are such a legend. I thought wow, I didn’t appreciate what a big deal it was.”

Sainsbury, who grew up watching the show, said the Muppet has a green body and face with a blue nose which is “a bit weird”.

Close Up will also feature Lynch’s story on one person’s obsession with The Muppets tonight.

The Muppet will make his first public appearance at the Starship foundation film premiere on Sunday.

All proceeds raised from the event will go towards the rebuild of the Medical Specialties and Neuroservices at Starship.

Next weekend the Muppet is making a guest appearance on What Now and at the TVNZ Kids Xmas party.

Disney’s new movie The Muppets opens in New Zealand on December 29.

The Queenstown bouncer involved in the Mike Tindall saga has accepted an interview with Mark Sainsbury of Close Up after initially saying he would only talk to John Campbell.

TV3’s Campbell Live rejected Jonathan Dixon’s request for an interview after he appeared in Queenstown District Court in Tuesday.

Last month Dixon released footage of Mike Tindall’s night on the town with fellow English rugby players after word got out that Tindall was in the company of a woman, not wife Zara Phillips, at the time.

A spokesperson for Campbell Live said they had rejected the request because they “decided his story wasn’t right for the show, especially as the matter is before courts”.

This morning however, Close Up interviewed Dixon in Queenstown about the incident.

The segment will be screened tonight.

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I couldn’t believe the arrogance and smugness from Adidas management Greg Kerr and David Huggett on Close Up tonight.  Their attitude toward both the New Zealand public and the retailers who have lined their pockets for years was unbelievable.  

Firstly, they seemed to think that fronting the issue would earn them some respect.  Perhaps if they had some plausible excuses for their outrageous pricing but they had nothing but contempt spilling from their lips.

To claim that the reason the price is high is because of all the investment they make into Rugby is insulting.  Fans are subsidising brand PR by paying exorbitant prices for jersey.  When fans figure out they’ve been used and ripped off, to then “front foot” it and pretend to “understand” just aggrivates the situation.

Apparently wholesale prices haven’t been reviewed for 3 years and they tried so hard to make it sound like the currency changes were why.  

At the beginning of 2009, the New Zealand dollar could only by $0.50 USD.  So $220 NZD equated to $110 USD.  When this furore erupted, the NZD was at it’s highest ever with the NZD buying $0.8794.  At that rate, $220 NZD could buy $193.47.  A difference of about $83.  Even if the prices had been set when the dollar was closer to $0.70, the difference should still be $40 cheaper.

The next issue that these two managers have is that they’ve now endorsed customers buying from offshore if they can get a better deal.  How is that remotely intelligent?  If they’re that committed to investing in New Zealand sport, wouldn’t they be doing everything they can to support local retailers?  The retailers have been painted by Adidas as the true enemy in this campaign and if they have any ounce of sense they’ll be sending stock back and telling Adidas to go jump.

Adidas is calling their suggested retail price as “absolutely fair”.  I would suggest that the only thing fair is for New Zealanders to boycott buying any Adidas products.

I think the Prime Minister said it best. “when you’re in the hole, you should stop digging”.

Join the Facebook groups:

Boycott Adidas

Blackout Adidas Campaign

There are claims surrounding the Kate Lynch/Close Up saga that the journalist was “made a scapegoat and hung out to dry” by the broadcaster.

Last month, the TV One programme ran a story entitled made in New Zealand that appeared to be plagiarised from a story run on ABC in the US earlier in the year.

While Close Up aired an apology, an investigation was launched by TVNZ over the matter.

Media commentator Brian Edwards believes Lynch was made the scapegoat.

“I would be astonished if the programme’s producer and director were not shown the rough cut of Lynch’s story, were not sent a detailed rundown of the final cut, and had not received a copy of the to-camera and voice-over script. And not a peep from anyone,” he wrote.

“What this entire debacle reveals is an appalling lack of oversight at all levels in the organisation. Lynch may have made an error of judgment, but against a background where her employer and her immediate superiors considered what she had done was something she and they were ‘perfectly entitled to do’ … And only Lynch has paid the price.”

Media trainer and journalist Janet Wilson disagrees with Edwards stance.

 “I think that’s bollocks. I think it’s really clear-cut. If you copy a story, not only word-for-word but frame-for-frame, could you be accused of plagiarism? Yes. I think that’s the answer. If I was a news producer, as I have been, and that person was in my employ, I would feel that they were entirely entitled to do what they’ve done. In fact my view would be, that person should no longer work for the organisation. I think TVNZ have been incredibly fair to allow her to keep her job.”

Source: Herald

Close Up is under fire over allegations it supplied a gun to a Kawerau teen in order to film a segment for the programme.

The TV One current affairs programme featured a two-part story on the town’s troubles with its youth and Mayor Malcolm Campbell says there is talk about town that the scene featuring the gun was staged.

“There is some talk that the young boy was supplied with the gun. The word out on the street is that this is what’s happened,” Campbell said.

While police have confirmed the weapon was a fake, the teen says he picked it up outside a bakery.

TVNZ has rejected the claims as “egregiously wrong”.

“There is no documentary evidence to support the claim the boys were egged on by our reporter or cameraman,” spokeswoman Georgie Hills said. “It may not be the image the town wishes to project to the world, but the clip wasn’t set up in any way. It was unbidden and unscripted footage caught on camera. Any suggestion to the contrary is egregiously wrong.

“Close Up broadcast the footage because it showed that these teenagers were willing to publicly and brazenly brandish a weapon, albeit a fake one, and that they were carrying this item on their person.”

Source: Herald

TVNZ’s Kate Lynch is said to be in hot water with colleagues over an alleged case of plagiarism involving a story on Close Up.

The reporter ran a story on the current affairs show last week regarding foreign goods in a kiwi family’s household that was said to be nearly identical to one produced by an American network earlier in the year.

Close Up apologised for the similarities between the stories last week but Lynch is said to be unapologetic for the apparent case of plagiarism.

The Herald reports that a TVNZ source confirmed that Lynch’s co-workers are upset over her actions and the lack of personal responsibility taken.

One TVNZ staffer told the Herald: “I’ve never seen so many people upset. They’re pissed off. It’s a unilateral response across the newsroom. It’s not our practice to copy other people’s work. We don’t approve of it.”

An investigation is underway with TVNZ’s human resources department to find exactly how the story could have been copied almost word-for-word in some parts by Lynch.

Source: Herald

There has been mud flying for the last couple of weeks over Hone Harawira’s new Mana Party and his expected resignation and by-election and Don Brash’s take over of the Act Party.  Tonight, they’re apparently going to go head to head on Close Up.

Harawira compared Brash to Hitler on Q+A on the weekend and is upset about the perceived undemocratic rolling of Act’s Rodney Hide, an elected MP by someone not even in Parliament.  

However, Harawira has been condemned for wanting to force a by-election at a cost of half a million dollars when we’re coming up to an election.

In any case, it will be far left vs far right so it should be entertaining at the least.