Coalition for Better Broadcasting


The Coalition for Better Broadcasting cautiously welcomes the appointment of Amy Adams as the new Minister of Broadcasting.

“We welcome the fact that broadcasting is now in the hands of a senior Cabinet Minister who can bring her expertise and that of the related government ministries into broadcasting policy,” says CBB Chief Executive, Myles Thomas. “This will be a Broadcasting Minister who can speak to policy that she has had a role in formulating.

“The CBB also welcomes the fact that the same Minister holds the portfolios for both Broadcasting and Communications. Continue reading »


Television news focuses too much on politicians’ personalities and not enough on the real issues, according to a UMR survey commissioned by the Coalition for Better Broadcasting.

Political news on television focuses too much on politicians’ personalities and not enough on real issues.

“Our survey shows there is considerable discontent with NZ’s television news and current affairs,” Myles Thomas, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Broadcasting said today. Continue reading »

CBB Public Debate


The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is adding its voice to the many appalled at TVNZ’s choice of Mike Hosking as moderator for the upcoming political debates.

“This is not good broadcasting “says Chief Executive Myles Thomas, “in fact this is terrible broadcasting. TVNZ’s decision to use a famously biased interviewer for the most important political debate of the election is very poor indeed. Continue reading »


The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is calling on all political parties to commit to a three-pronged plan to strengthen public service broadcasting in New Zealand.

The three points of the plan are:

  1. Defrost Radio NZ funding
  2. Establish a non-commercial television channel
  3. Fund these with a small levy on SkyTV and other commercial broadcasters, and on ISPs/Telcos

“These three policies would virtually guarantee the long-term survival of Radio NZ and a new public service television channel, without political influence by politicians playing hardball with funding,” says the Chief Executive of the CBB, Myles Thomas. Continue reading »

coalition-for-better-broadcasting-logoYesterday, The Coalition for Better Broadcasting released a statement with their take on the budget. Titled, TV and radio are losers in the 2014 “fudge-it”, it borrowed from the line that Labour leader David Cunliffe had coined to describe how the government was planning on spending as the “fudge-it budget”.

Being concerned that the Coalition for Better Broadcasting might not be impartial, I asked their chief executive Myles Thomas if they had any undisclosed affiliations with a political party. He assured me that there were none.

Thomas described the headline as “wordsmithery” but that using the same term as Labour had wasn’t intentional. Acknowledging that the perception around impartiality and the headline raising questions, Thomas agreed that they would be more careful in the future.

Here is the release: Continue reading »

coalition-for-better-broadcasting-logoWhen the Coalition for Better Broadcasting launched earlier this month they included the following 10 point plan.  What do you make of their suggestions and are they workable?

1. A Public Service Television Channel Continue reading »

coalition-for-better-broadcasting-logoRemember the Save TVNZ7 campaign?  Today, the Coalition for Better Broadcasting has launched in a bif to revitalise New Zealand’s public broadcasting.

A new organisation launching today, aims to tap into the support thousands of Kiwis have shown for public broadcasting and media, to help rejuvenate the floundering sector.

The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is a non-profit charitable trust formed by organisers of Save Radio NZ and Save TVNZ 7. Both campaigns uncovered a huge groundswell of public opinion in favour of public service broadcasting, says CBB chief executive, Myles Thomas.  Continue reading »