Code: 9

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturdays from 10 November, 6.00pm

A hidden camera, a sense of humour and the help of Hollywood’s top special effects artists are all kids and their families need to pull the ultimate good-natured prank on their unsuspecting mum or dad in Code: 9, a new hidden camera reality series that’s comedy for the whole family. Hosted by Wes Dening (The Stafford Brothers), this unscripted comedy series pairs kids with a parent to help create, plan and cast the entire prank. In every episode, one family member goes deep undercover with special prosthetic make-up and costumes and goes face-to-face with their unsuspecting parent as one of the actors who helps pull off the big surprise. The signal Code 9, indicates the start of the prank when the target is walking in and everyone needs to be in their places and ready.