Codename: Kids Next Door

Taking numbers instead of names, five heroic ten-year olds have formed a secret team called the Kids Next Door with one dedicated mission: to free all children from the tyrannical rule of adults.

Numbuh One, aka Nigel Uno, is the leader of the Kids Next Door and the embodiment of its principles. He is a master tactician who devises elaborate plans for world domination.

Numbuh Two, better known as Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., is passionate about airplanes and flying and spends much of his time building all kinds of cool flying machines. He is prone to falling, especially down stairs, and often gets so excited that he doesn’t get enough oxygen and passes out! Numbuh Three, Kuki Sanban, is short on attention but long on charm. She always seems to be in her own little world, usually in a state of perpetual bliss. This cute happy-go-lucky girl is willing to do anything to help the Kids Next Door cause. Numbuh Four, aka Wallabee Beatles, is brash, impulsive and a specialist in hand-to-hand combat. Even though his blind enthusiasm usually wreaks havoc with their plans, the other Kids see Numbuh Four as an unstoppable enforcer! And finally, Numbuh Five, Abigail Lincoln, she is the team spy whose specialty is doing super sneaky work in a stealth-like, undetectable fashion. Aside from Numbuh One, Numbuh Five may be the only KND member with any common sense. Her big secret: she wears glasses.

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