Cold Water Warm Blood

Wednesday 2 April, 7pm

With whales, seals and dolphins frolicking in the rich waters of Kaikoura, Cold Water Warm Blood is the story of how warm blooded mammals came to colonise the cold seas of New Zealand. Cold Water Warm Blood screens on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6 on Wednesday 2 April at 7pm.

A surge of nutrients stirred from the depths of the ocean off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island has produced an environment for the most diverse collection of seals, whales and dolphins anywhere in the world.
The Kaikoura coast is one the most productive stretches of water in the country, and provides a unique opportunity to explore the ecology and evolution of marine mammals in one location. It’s the best place in the world to see sperm whales, and big numbers of seals come to occupy the shores. Elephant seals can be found there, and three species of dolphins.

Cold Water Warm Blood documents New Zealand’s amazing sea mammals and their habitat off the coast of Kaikoura, on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.