Combat Chefs

FOOD TELEVISION – Saturdays from 13 June, 8.30pm

Combat Chefs follows the unsung heroes who feed Britain’s 120,000 troops. From the raw recruits learning their trade at the Army School of Catering in Aldershot to the chefs feeding troops in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, Combat Chefs focuses on the soldiers who cook for Queen and Country. As well as providing an insight into culinary training, the viewer is also on the frontline as we follow the soldiers through some hairy situations and improvised cookery taking the treacherous journey through the notorious Helmand province. As well as the soldiers in battle, we follow the trainees based in London under the watchful eye of Major Harry Lomas who has had 35 years of army training, as they prepare for state functions.

Each situation promises to be entertaining and insightful, will the soldiers go through the series unscathed, and will the trainees make it though the rigorous testing?