Combat School

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 3 February, 10.30pm

When One Platoon tries to protect a disabled helicopter, Warrant Rhodenizer – commanding the platoon in Captain Cox’s absence – is “critically injured” by shrapnel. One Platoon then reunites with the rest of Mike Company for their final major battle before the end of training. It’s the last chance to prove themselves in the eyes of their commanders. Back home at CFB Petawawa, with the mission drawing closer, the soldiers prepare themselves physically and personally before leaving for Afghanistan.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 27 January, 9.30pm

Without their leader, Captain Cox, One Platoon is assigned to a remote forward operating base for guard duty. Major Oberwarth becomes stretched for resources after a mock suicide bomber causes mass casualties. In One Platoon’s absence, Two Platoon is sent to save an important VIP from a downed helicopter, but may be driving into an ambush. Live fire fights, searches for IEDs and hidden weapons caches, and disguised enemies all add to the intensity of the training.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 20 January, 9.30pm

After intense training in Texas, One Platoon, Mike Company returns home to Canada with change in the air. Lt. Cox is promoted to Captain and gets engaged. Meanwhile the soldiers move to the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta for the most realistic, complex and technologically advanced part of their deployment preparation. When Captain Cox is called home to attend to his pregnant fiancée, Warrant Officer Rhodenizer must lead One Platoon. Later, the mock Battle of Tanachoy puts Company Commander Oberwarth’s diplomatic and coordination skills to the ultimate test.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 13 January, 9.30pm

With the reality that One Platoon is further behind in training than any other platoon at Fort Bliss, company commander Oberwarth does not mince words to get them motivated. Night time live fire exercise and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training commence after a disastrous showing at convoy drills. The soldiers must also learn how to rid a mock village of Taliban. The situation begins to improve until Lt. Cox is wounded, leaving Warrant Officer Rhodenizer in charge. The problem is, no one remembers to tell Major Oberwarth.