Come Dine With Me

The first week of TV3’s new 7pm current affairs program got off to a great start with the first four episodes of Story drawing an average audience of 247,468. This was 90% higher than the final week of Come Dine With Me.

Furthermore, these were better numbers than Campbell Live had had since June last year. In 2014, there were only 3 weeks that had performed better.

However, the four night run came spectacularly unstuck with the brilliant plan of having an alternative on Fridays delivering the lowest average audience TV3 has had in more than a decade. Only 81,710 viewers tuned in for Lip Sync Battle in between 3 News, which had an average audience of 204,670 and Jono and Ben with 172,600.

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As TV3 prepares to launch their new 7pm current affairs program, Story, their temporary replacement Come Dine With Me has slumped to the second worst week the local version of the amateur cooking program.

The average audience for the show was only 130,566 viewers, 10% lower than the previous week, and well down on the numbers Campbell Live had prior to going into review.

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TV3 will be somewhat relieved to see their 7pm programming had an 8% increase last week with Come Dine With Me up to an average audience of 144,682 viewers per night, making it the third best week the struggling show has had. With one week remaining until Story goes to air, the lift can’t come soon enough.

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The arrival of Story in two weeks won’t come soon enough for TV3. Despite a 6% lift in the average audience last week to 133,640 viewers per night for Come Dine With Me the numbers are still well down on the problems that Campbell Live was experiencing.

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TV One’s Seven Sharp is enjoying significant ratings growth off the back of TV3’s decision to can Campbell Live. The average audience was up another 10% on previous highs to an impressive 592,282 viewers per night.

Come Dine With Me NZ had a reasonable start to the week with the highest average audience the show has had, breaking the 200,000 mark for the first time. However, the rest of the week saw the numbers plummet to some of the worst audiences TV3 has had at 7pm. Down a further 5% on the previous week, last week’s average audience of 137,062 viewers per night was the lowest weekly average TV3 have had in more than 10 years.

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The two weeks of Road Cops as a stop gap measure post Campbell Live rated marginally higher than its predecessor but that’s one thing it has over TV3’s latest replacement Come Dine With Me. The local adaptation of the cooking series, featuring Guy Williams, fell a further 7% on the previous week to the lowest average audience we’ve seen TV3 have in the 7pm time slot.

144,488 viewers on average tuned in each night which equates to a 59% drop on the same time two years ago when Campbell Live was at its peak.

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ComeDineWithMe_600x400TV3’s interim replacement for 7pm current affairs, Come Dine With Me NZ, debuted last night with a disappointing average audience of 157,960 viewers. However, despite the low start, the numbers were still 36% higher than Campbell Live’s lows of earlier in the year.

Eight other episodes of Campbell Live had rated lower than last night’s premiere with another nine rating marginally higher.


I would say that Guy Williams has big shoes to fill but he already has rather large feet. Yesterday’s announcement that he’ll be narrating the local version of Come Dine With Me was met with more joy and despair as yet another interim replacement for TV3’s early evening current affairs programming.

As was to be expected, Twitter turned a little vicious on him last night.

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8:30pm Saturday, December 22 on TV One

TV ONE brings you the hilarious, cringe-worthy Come Dine With Me, with more outrageous strangers competing for the title of the ultimate dinner party host.

This celebrity Christmas special sees metal-mouthed, drum ‘n’ bass DJ, Goldie takes on 70s crooner Tony Christie, television presenter Janet Ellis and Footballer’s Wives sex siren, Susie Amy in a bid to win �1000 for charity.

Over four nights, these celebrities bicker over the meaning of Christmas, suffer through poorly-cooked pork, wear bad-taste seasonal sweaters and struggle with a seven-foot boa constrictor – all in the name of the festive season.

7:30pm Saturday, September 1 on TV One

TV ONE brings you the hilariously cringe-worthy Come Dine With Me, with more outrageous strangers competing for the title of the ultimate dinner party host.

Each night, four strangers will take turns to cook up their idea of the perfect evening. But not everything goes to plan for these hopeful hosts, as personalities clash and best intentions in the kitchen fail. At the end of the night, the contestants secretly score their hosts’ efforts to determine who will win the $1000 prize.

Tonight, American self-styled ‘urban hippy’ Nicole starts a very international week of dinner parties. Greek luxury car dealer Harry, and Israeli property developer Nir immediately go head-to-head over who’s got the biggest ego, mouth and the most cash.

Meanwhile, fourth competitor Bindi has no competition for outrageous outfits and suggestive comments during a week of singing, dancing, strange games and huge egos running out of control.