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Everyone’s favourite singer from Manurewa is back. Dust off your old Tom Jones, Elvis and Tony Christie LPs. It has never been so hip to be square.

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Kelly Osbourne is a woman at a crossroads in her life, and she’s looking East for inspiration. She’s seen her brother Jack re-invent his life through climbing and extreme adventures and now Kelly’s going to do the same, by immersing herself in Japanese culture – both ancient and modern. In this fascinating new series Kelly turns Japanese in mind, body and soul as she discovers for herself the unusual and unknown society and culture of Japan, uncovers strange and compelling regimes and courses, and perhaps becomes transformed into a new person.

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Taken from the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort, this is an eye-opening insight into the life of a call-girl. Belle, played by Billie Piper, is an educated witty woman who loves her job. Well, the night time legal secretary is a cover for her real job which she has to keep secret from her family and friends. Juggling her double life doesn’t make things easy. If you’ve always wanted to know what goes on behind a working girl’s closed doors, here’s your chance as Belle is happy to let you watch.




Victims of a well-oiled propaganda machine, the so-called ‘Barbarians’ of Roman times have endured thousands of years of misrepresentation. As Monty Python veteran Terry Jones reveals, the image of brutal savages hell-bent on nothing more than slaughter, pillage and rape handed down to us by the Romans, is little more than a monumental exercise in ancient spin. In an epic journey from the misty bogs of southern Ireland to the arid deserts of Persia, Jones exposes the depth of this Roman deception, bringing the fabulously rich and varied barbarian cultures, including the Celts, Huns and Goths, back to life, while exploding myths and setting records straight wherever he goes.


Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman return for a new series of MYTHBUSTERS — the series that uses science, special effects, and problem solving, to put modern urban legends to the test. While Jamie and Adam are the backbone of the show, they have some friends who help with the busting. Car and metal work fanatic Scottie Chapman; special effects expert Tory Belleci; artist and model maker Kari Byron and Mythtern Christine Chamberlain.


Emmy winner Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) stars as opinionated history teacher Eddie Stark, a cynical realist who considers himself an expert on women and marriage. He’s learned the lessons of history well and applies the basic principles of what he teaches his students to his marriage: all fights are about power, land and resources – and women love to kill fun. When the newlywed Woodcocks move next door and befriend the Starks, Eddie offers his unsolicited advice on marriage and family to the younger, idealistic Jeff, who’s the new vice principal at Eddie’s school.

‘TIL DEATH begins August 30


Series following the eye-opening adventures of two suburban couples – Doug (Justin Louis) and Janine (Paula Marshall) and Zack (Dondré T. Whitfield) and Sarah (Tamara Taylor) – as they seek domestic bliss between the hedges of their well-manicured and subdivided lots.

HIDDEN HILLS begins August 30



Sunbathing and getting a tan is top of the list for many holidaymakers. But for some having a tan for just a few weeks of the year is not long enough. Now the term “tanorexic” has been coined to describe people whose need for a tan has become obsessive. So-called “tanorexics” are obsessed with having a permanent, deep tan and are prepared to risk their health to do so. This documentary talks to a number of tanaholics about their addiction to tanning.

TRUE STORIES: Tantastic, 7th August

TRUE STORIES: Strictly Lady Sumo


This documentary follows the journey of a group of larger-than-life women as they undertake the extraordinary challenge of learning the ancient art of sumo in time to compete at the World Championships in Japan. It follows the recruitment drive and then, when the team is finalised, sees the women embark on the blood, sweat and tear-stained training regime in preparation for winning the Gold at World Championships in Japan.

TRUE STORIES: Strictly Lady Sumo, 1st August.

Series Starts 9 June

Offering a fascinating insight into the lives of New Zealanders, PRIME is delighted to present EXTRAORDINARY KIWIS. This documentary series celebrates a unique mix of not only household names, but those New Zealanders who live interesting lives, including Senior Sergeant Nikki Seager, radio personality JJ Feeney, former All Black Colin Meads, and water skier Kristy Sloan. Episode one follows racing car driver Scott Dixon as he prepares for an endurance race in Utah, USA.

Series Starts June 5

It is 2151, and the British have launched a fleet of spaceships to explore the galaxy in the only way the British can: with a stiff upper lip and regular tea breaks. Their mission? Not to seek out new life and new civilisations, but to boldly protect British interests in a changing universe by encouraging aliens to relocate their businesses to Peterborough and take holidays in The Lake District. From the pens of double BAFTA winners Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley (Black Books, Smack the Pony, Little Britain) comes an original futuristic comedy that is literally out of this world.