Commonwealth Games

SKY Television confirmed today that agreement has been reached with TVNZ to purchase the broadcast rights for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games coverage will be available on SKY’s sport channels, free-to-air channel PRIME, the Internet and Mobile TV.

During the 12 days of the competition free-to-air channel PRIME will broadcast 12 hours each day of LIVE Games coverage together with a daily highlights package.

SKY will also dedicate five 24 hour channels to the Commonwealth Games – more than 1400 hours of television coverage. In addition to this, there will also be a two hour daily highlights package over the course of the games on SKY Sport, regular 30 minute updates on SKY’s Sport Highlights channel and extensive Internet and Mobile TV coverage.

John Fellet, Chief Executive, SKY Television said, “The combination of free-to-air and pay television coverage for a key sports event like the Commonwealth Games is a winner for all New Zealanders and will provide them with more extensive and comprehensive coverage than they have ever seen before.”

Live Commonwealth Games coverage begins at 4.30 pm on 3 October 2010.

In 2009, TVNZ still managed to turn a profit which, it has to be said, is a fairly praiseworthy achievement in the current environment.  But what about 2010?  What is TVNZ banking on that will return another dividend?

As revenue is directly related to ratings, it has been interesting to watch TVNZ deliberately remove what one would have expected to have been two of the most watched events of 2010.  Firstly, the 2010 Dehli Commonwealth Games, which they had the rights to but decided that the income would not have justified the expense.  Secondly, Tuesday nights Jason Gunn extravaganza Dancing with the Stars.

While the screening of these offers enormous revenue opportunities independently, they also provide TVNZ with lead ins to other shows and the ability to promote other TVNZ content.  So what do they have in store instead?  Are there any major television events that will reach the same audience and achieve a better result?

The only thing that has any potential may be Masterchef New Zealand.  The Australian version did incredibly well in Australia and has proved a worthy show for the pre One News time slot but when would it air here?  If it follows a similar format, where could it fit in the schedule?  Would it find space on TV One?  Would the pre-news time slot deliver enough audience to justify the expense?

In a few days, TVNZ announce their line up for 2010 and I for one am incredibly intrigued to see just what they have lined up to deliver another profit.