Conversations With A Serial Killer

9:30pm Thursday, December 2 on TV2

Brand new documentary series Conversations With A Serial Killer comes to TV2 this week, giving paranormal and historical insight into the lives, crimes and deaths of some of history’s most villainous characters.

The season premiere focuses on Ted Bundy, a man who orchestrated a campaign of terror that stretched across the United States between 1974 and 1978, when he lured a series of pretty, dark-haired women to gruesome deaths.

As a student, Bundy achieved good grades but beneath the veneer of normality he was far from the average prepubescent teenager. Jeffrey Tesch, a crime historian who has spent much time studying the life of Bundy says, “he was a juvenile delinquent. Growing up he was a voyeur. While other kids were dating, he spent his Friday nights stealing across lawns, peeking in windows, shoplifting, he was not the all American boy.”

When Bundy grew into a young man, he began to show signs of a split personality. By day he was an able law student and budding politician, working part-time in the Seattle suicide crisis clinic. By night he was the mysterious and elusive nocturnal prowler, lurking in the shadows of the city. But the stalking and the watching was not enough for Ted Bundy, by now he was straying into far darker territory and by now the prowler was to become predator.

Ann Rule was a woman who knew Bundy well from his time in Washington State. She was once proud to call him a friend and has in recent years written a best-selling book on their relationship. Rule remembers her first meeting with Bundy fondly: “It was early 1970s and he was so nice, very sensitive, I liked him right away,” she says.

The tight-knit relationship shared by Rule and Bundy has led Rule to believe it was Bundy’s break-up with girlfriend Stephanie that triggered his killing spree. “As soon as [Stephanie] fell in love with him, he dumped her,” says Rule. “I think that he thought he’d feel better after, but I don’t think he did because the rush of killings began three weeks later and all of the girls resembled Stephanie very closely.”

Although Rule hopes Bundy felt some kind of guilt over the horrific crimes he committed, she believes his being caught was what truly concerned him. She says, “I have found that for serial killers, murder is an addiction. They’re just as addicted as people are to drugs, alcohol. The substance for them is murderer. This man that I would have trusted with my daughters was a monster.”

Bundy was sent to the electric chair in 1989, while hundreds of people cheered his death outside the prison.

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Conversations With A Serial Killer, traces the lives of some of the most fascinating serial killers of our time through a blend of documentary, archive material, eye-witness accounts and, putting the unique LIVING twist on the crime genre, also paranormal investigation. This show is a must for Most Haunted fans or anyone with an interest in true crime stories and serial killers. The series hopes to open up a spiritual dialogue with deceased infamous murderers who have terrified and fascinated people for years, as well as documenting their lives and investigating the influences upon their earthly existences.