Cool Kids Cooking

Cool Kids Cooking is a new, fresh and fast-paced cooking series designed to inspire children to put down the junk food, jump into the kitchen and get creative.

In each episode Chef TK, with the assistance of ‘Head Chef’ Marco, demonstrates basic kitchen skills and cooking tricks and tips as two healthy menu options are created. Four kids are in the studio following TK’s instructions – and having fun trying out what they’ve created!

Typical recipes include items such as French Toast with Fresh Fruit,
Spaghetti Bolognaise, Chop Suey, Fish Fingers, even Pizza and Hamburgers! A full range of drinks, snacks and desserts are also featured throughout the series. All dishes provide a good range of healthy, tasty and interesting things to cook that will encourage kids and their families to eat healthier options at home and also to make things to take to school.

“Children are bombarded with cheap, unhealthy food. Some grow up not knowing a zucchini from a carrot. We’re changing all that,” says Chef Marco Kouch, creator of Cool Kids Cooking.

Cool Kids Cooking is a well-rounded introduction to healthy food and
cooking, weekdays on TV2 at 3.25pm and Saturday mornings at 10.55am.