Cops LAC

9:30pm Monday, July 4 on Prime

Drama Series

Life Is A Rodio

Late at night the police are called to a PVC factory where it appears a double brick wall has collapsed, injuring two workers. Oddly, one of the men flees the scene. Later it’s revealed he’d been sacked from the factory months ago. When the police arrive at his address they find him in the roof, shot dead. Further analysis suggests the factory wall didn’t collapse but was ram-raided by a truck with a huge metal spike attached. It turns out this was a dress rehearsal for a much bigger job – and the dead man in the roof was a member of the gang behind it. It’s a race against time for the detectives to figure out the murderous thieves’ target before it’s too late. For Sam this is personal, as evidence begins to suggest that Zac may be involved and Graeme pays a heavy price for his sins.

9:30pm Monday, June 27 on Prime

Drama Series

Ladies’ Night

In tonight’s episode a recluse is found dead on his front lawn, apparently from a fall. On entering his house to locate official identification Nathan and Priscilla find themselves ‘booby trapped’ in an elaborate maze of wires connected to homemade bombs. They think they are done for but all is not what it seems. Later the detectives go to his workplace where things turned very sour after the dead man failed to purchase the weekly office syndicate’s Lotto ticket – the very week their numbers came up. The detectives realise there is more to this loner and the case than meets the eye. Will they discover what really happened?

9:35pm Monday, June 20 on Prime

Drama Series

Illegal Dumping

On tonight’s episode of Cops LAC a human leg is found in a travel case on the beach, and shortly afterwards a human head. The police match the body parts and realise they belong to a missing vet. The hunt for his killer (and the reason for the murder_ reveals a sordid double life involving swingers parties and an illicit affair with his receptionist. The vet’s wife is devastated by the revelations but the evidence suggests she might be a suspect. In the course of identifying the body parts Priscilla gets close to the family of another missing person and learns that this one could still be alive, so she sets out to find him. When she does, he tells Priscilla that he has no interest in being found, so she must deliver this unsavoury news to his brother. After a torrid day Sam buckles under the weight of her true feelings and has sex with Zac who, in turn, invites her to run away with him. When she returns to work Sam’s live-in boyfriend, Karl, is waiting for her with a big surprise.

9:35pm Monday, June 13 on Prime

Drama Series

Ghost House

While on a ‘ghost tour’ of a derelict house a woman is certain she has seen a dead body. But by the time she returns to the house with Roxanne and Dan there is no sign of it. Next morning a skeleton is discovered under the house, leading to the intriguing question of how a body could have decomposed in one night. A short time later a body matching the description of the one seen on the ghost tour is found washed up on the beach. The detectives realise they are dealing with two separate murders. Investigations uncover a number of suspects, including the ghost-tour operator, the skeleton’s brother, the owner of the ‘haunted house’ (who has spent time in jail for another murder) and the woman who reported the body to police in the first place. This series of gruesome discoveries and violent incidents puts Roxanne face-to-face with her fear of the paranormal.

9:40pm Monday, June 6 on Prime

Drama Series

Old Love

A well-known standover man is suspected of murdering the deputy principal at the local high school tonight. Sam is particularly suspicious and keen to nail him, but he has a strong, verifiable alibi and there are other people with motive and opportunity, including the dead woman’s husband, the principal and a female student with a grievance. With the help of Zac Butler who Sam enlists as an official police informant, the detectives solve the case. Meanwhile, like the rest of the command, Nathan is coping with the psychological effects of losing a fellow officer. But Nathan’s torment is all the greater because he shot a man dead in the melee. Things reach a climax when Nathan encourages Priscilla to engage in a high-speed car chase. When he tries to apologise to Priscilla she tells him it’s the most fun she’s had since joining the cops.

9:35pm Monday, May 30 on Prime

Drama Series

Blood Types

In tonight’s episode of Cops LAC a man is found dead in a garbage truck, with a wooden stake driven through his heart. Unsurprisingly this becomes the L.A.C’s ‘vampire’ murder. The detectives uncover a group of people who actually call themselves vampires, avoiding the light and drinking each other’s blood. But it seems the truth behind the man’s death may lie elsewhere – that he himself was hired to kill one of the vampires but botched the job. Meanwhile, it’s assessment time for the probationary constables and Priscilla and Dan are desperate to pass. By the end of the episode one has passed and the other has failed. In a tragic twist, a melee at a cemetery sees Nathan shoot a man dead and one of the officers in the Seaview command is also killed.

9:40pm Monday, May 23 on Prime

Drama Series

Killer Secret

In tonight’s episode of Cops LAC, Nathan and Priscilla attend an armed robbery at a pub where the publican has been shot. When they go door-knocking for witnesses they find a woman at a dance school across the road who not only saw the robber but also was threatened by him. When this woman is found shot dead on a beach (and her husband badly wounded) the detectives start hunting her killer. But the armed robber who threatened the dead woman seems to have an alibi, so attention turns to the woman’s brother, her missing father, and the witness who alerted police to the shooting at the beach. Elsewhere, Priscilla is recruited to dress up and perform a ‘walk-through’ as Graeme’s hit-and-run victim in the hope of identifying her. A witness comes forward and the victim is revealed to be a young English tourist. Graeme has the awful job of contacting her mother in the UK and delivering the bad news.

9:40pm Monday, May 16 on Prime

Drama Series

Lost Girls

The search for a missing 15-year-old girl leads to the discovery of a dead man in a Kings Cross flat who was a pimp for underage prostitutes and the missing girl – for whom Roxanne has been searching for months. The girl is also the prime suspect in the man’s death. Roxanne goes undercover as a prostitute to find the girl and this leads to the uncovering of a web of intrigue and exploitation. Through their investigation, Sam and Rhys discover the cruel and manipulative ways of the pimp, meeting the misguided people who assisted him in recruiting the young girls – the broken families of the girls whose lives he ruined. All have good reason to want the pimp dead. Meanwhile Nathan and Priscilla investigate a robbery at a local hardware store in which Zac Butler – the ex-crim and Sam’s first love – is a prime suspect.

8:35pm Thursday, May 12 on Prime

Drama Series

The Killer Wore Sneakers

The manager of an import warehouse – who the police also suspect of illegally importing diamonds – is found murdered in his home in tonight’s episode of Cops LAC. The detectives’ investigations uncover a web of intrigue around the dead man including an unhappy marriage, an estranged, clown-faced brother-in-law, a jelly-wresting barmaid with whom he was having an affair, and an Iraq war veteran neighbour suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. At Nathan’s instruction Priscilla gets to know the dead man’s neighbour, hoping this will help build up her knowledge of the local area. But will Priscilla’s act of goodwill place her in danger? Meanwhile Sam and Rhys inadvertently cause a flea infestation at the L.A.C.

8:35pm Thursday, May 5 on Prime

Drama Series

I’ll See You

A woman gives birth to a baby in the back of Nathan and Priscilla’s police car before they can get her to the hospital, in tonight’s episode of Cops LAC. When the woman then disappears leaving the baby behind, the search is on to find her. When the cops show up at an apartment where they expect her to be they find a dead man instead. The detectives soon unravel a complicated case of identity theft and it becomes clear that the mother of the abandoned baby has spent many years stealing other women’s identities and using them for fraudulent purposes. As the detectives close in on the woman they discover the path of emotional and financial devastation she has left in her wake – from the woman whose identity has been stolen to the apparent father of the thief’s child. Meanwhile Sam’s first love, Zac Butler, released from prison, has moved into the Seaview area, rattling her. Clearly she still has very deep feelings for the man and this could spell disaster for her personally and professionally.