Cops With Cameras

10:05pm Tuesday, October 25 on TV One

Last year alone nearly a quarter of a million drug seizures were made in the UK.

Tonight, on Cops With Cameras frontline police equipped with specially-designed body cameras take viewers on a visual journey into the dangerous world of petty criminals, drug dealers and users.

9:40pm Tuesday, October 18 on TV One

Beginning tonight on TV ONE, a new series of Cops With Cameras, where UK police equipped with specially-designed body cameras give viewers unprecedented access to the front line of their fight against crime.

Episode one highlights police officers targeting car crime, first in North London, where PCs Marc Hamill and Ross McGorm are chasing after an erratic driver not even old enough to have a driving license.

In Skegness, PCs Andy Young and Calley Murray stop a car which has gone straight through a red light after some strange driving. PCs Robert Higgins and Phil Cooper stop a car that smells of cannabis. The passenger quickly legs it, and the chase is on .

Near Stockport, PCs Lee Ferguson and James Hinchliffe from the Tornado Traffic Unit are chasing after a team of armed robbers.

Outside Manchester, Sergeant Iain Lamb is quizzing a driver who’s refusing to give her real details. The Lantern device (a new high tech addition to the force arsenal which identifies a suspect by checking their fingerprint on the Police National computer) is called upon to shed some light on the problem. In the woman versus machine contest there is always only going to be one winner!

9:35pm Monday, April 12 on TV One

The police show with a difference, Cops With Cameras, returns to TV ONE with all new episodes. This action-packed series offers viewers unprecedented access to some of Britain’s toughest police units, revealing how they fight crime on the front line.

These specialist units wear miniature personal cameras which offer a unique insight from the heart of the action, from every raid to every arrest, they’re at the cutting edge of crime fighting.

On tonight’s episode, police constable Darren Hancock and sergeant Gary Watters are called to a 20-man brawl outside a pub in Oldham on their Saturday night response shift. When they arrive, police constable Kate Lawrence is struggling to restrain a man who is resisting arrest.

In South London the undercover robbery squad are on patrol in an unmarked car when a call comes through about a recent mugging nearby. They soon find the victim but his attackers have fled.

And in Neath, police constable Rodry Davis is part of a specialist search and entry team a squad who regularly knock down doors at suspect addresses, in tonight’s episode they raid a suspected heroin dealer.

8:30pm Monday, September 7 on TV One

Cops With Cameras returns to TV ONE with a new action-packed series giving viewers access to some of Britain’s toughest police units, revealing how they fight crime from the front line (tonight at 8.30pm).

These specialist units wear miniature personal cameras which offer a unique insight from the heart of the action – from every raid to every arrest.

Episode one follows police forces across the country starting in Torquay where PC Dan Ritson is forced to draw his 50,000 volt stun gun to try and control a man who is threatening to turn violent after a drunken row with his girlfriend.

In South Wales, Inspector Joe Jones and his team raid the house of a drug dealer who they believe has just had a delivery of Class A drugs. However the rapid entry is compromised when a woman outside the address appears to be alerting the suspect so the team need to get in fast before any evidence can be destroyed.

In Greater Manchester, Sergeant John Middleton and his tactical aid unit are called to monitor football supporters leaving a match. But a straight forward job soon turns nasty when a fight breaks out between rival fans.

In Swansea, Sergeant Phil Morgan and his team execute a dawn raid after intelligence suggests the house owner is involved in cannabis cultivation. The raid results in one arrest as the cops get more than they bargained for.

While in London, PC Stefen Rule is part of the Southwark crime squad. His suspicions about a seemingly normal car turn out to have been well-founded when they pull the car over and uncover an array of offences.