Coronation Street

Thursday 9 October, 7.30pm

When Ashley tells Claire she’s forgetting the people around her, Claire can’t believe he’s being so harsh, and leaves for her mum’s. He begs her to stay, but her mind is made up and as she arrives at Yvonne’s, she turns to Casey for comfort. After assuring her she’s doing the right thing by looking after herself, Casey heads round to the Peacocks’.

When Roger’s van breaks down he reacts badly and is forced to tell Janice the problem – he’s broke. Leanne’s loan cleared his savings. Revealing he only did it for her, Janice is touched, but Roger makes her promise not to tell Leanne.

Carla’s livid to find Joanne back, claiming Liam reinstated her. A huge row ensues as the pair fight for power, and when Joanne finally steps in, Carla fires her for insubordination. The girls are stunned as she leaves, and Liam thanks Carla for alienating their entire workforce.

Elsewhere, Jason’s furious when Eileen reveals she’s dating a married man; Liz is heartbroken as Vernon plans to leave for Spain; and the pressure starts to build for Leanne.

Friday 10 October, 7.30pm

Leanne’s hired agency staff at an extra cost while she advertises and promises Roger she will pay him back. She then heads to Carla’s with a business proposition. Laying her cards on the table, she says this was Carla’s dream too, and offers her another chance to be a part of it. Realising she’s desperate, Carla offers her 20K for a 60 per cent share, meaning she’ll be boss. Leanne turns her down, but she’s determined to fight on.

As Liz reiterates to Vernon how much she loves him, he still can’t forgive her betrayal. But as Lloyd drives him to the airport, and he plays a tape Liz has made of their favourite songs, he questions whether he can really leave her. Walking back into the pub, Vernon swallows his hurt as he warns Liz it will take time to forget, but he’s prepared to try.

Ashley and Josh visit Claire as he urges her to come home, but Claire is convinced the time apart is good for them. Later, she meets up with Casey again, but as they go to the park where they used to meet, it’s too much for Claire who breaks down. Casey steps in to comfort her, but as she asks for her advice on whether staying away from Ashley is the right thing to do, there’s a sense Casey is manipulating the situation. Casey then goes to Ashley’s, offering to help with Josh and revealing she’s been with Claire. He’s keen to know if she talked about coming home, but Casey lies that she didn’t.

Elsewhere, Eileen agrees to a few days away with married Pat; Maria agrees to a drink with Liam; Violet feels pressured by Sean’s excitement; and Paul reveals he’s quit his job to look after Jack and Vera full-time.

Friday 3 October, 7.30pm

Jack and Vera’s grandson, Paul Clayton, arrives at the Duckworth’s explaining he got Molly’s message and he’s here to help. Jack and Vera are thrilled, but Tyrone doesn’t trust him, especially as Paul sets about borrowing cash and flirting with Maria.

Still in the birthday spirit, Sally and Kevin skive off work and head into town. Looking at how their lives have changed focus around their family, Sally claims it’s important they don’t fall into a rut.

Elsewhere, Vernon plans a romantic surprise for Liz, but is gutted as he learns about her affair; Claire’s planning a Freddie’s first birthday tomorrow; Gail starts a log book of the noise pollution coming from the Mortons’; and with Liam out of the office Carla tells Joanne they’re overstaffed and they’re letting her go.

Thursday 2 October, 7.30pm

After convincing Linda there’s no-one at the flat, Derek takes her home and Liz is finally able to leave. Back at the Rovers, she’s overcome with guilt when she sees the effort Vernon’s gone to, especially when Linda arrives asking to talk again. At the café, Linda confides that she tried to catch Derek out but missed his lady. Liz feels awful, and when Derek then comes into the pub it’s too much. Telling him it’s given her the wake-up call she needed, Liz finishes their affair.

When Carla interviews Rosie for the secretary’s job, Sally’s stunned to hear she’s got it. Although pleased, Sally admits it’s going to be strange having her daughter working almost as one of her bosses.

Things get hot at Leanne’s restaurant opening when the heating goes into overdrive and there’s not enough free booze to go round. It looks like Leanne’s big night is a failure, much to Carla’s delight.

Molly decides to take positive action. She’s had enough of caring for two invalids and tells Tyrone she’s contacted the members of their family who should really be looking after them.

Elsewhere, Liam and Carla play for position at the factory; Sally lets loose at her 40th birthday party; and Gail and Jodie face-off over the noise from Darryl’s shed.

Tuesday 30 September, 7.30pm

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Liam’s back and is shocked to find both the factory open and Carla in charge. Calmly asserting he left chaos and someone had to step in, Carla is adamant this is her factory now. Liam’s stunned as she reveals Paul left her his share of the factory and while she wants to work with him, she’s the majority shareholder and that makes her the boss.

As Liz arrives back, she’s shocked to see Derek waiting for her claiming he needs to talk. Agreeing to go to the flat, it’s not long before she’s back in his arms, while Vernon waits expectantly at the Rovers. As she goes to leave, they’re interrupted by Linda at the door. Hiding a half dressed Liz on the balcony, Derek answers the door to his wife who claims she knows there’s someone in there.

Sarah and Jason are back from holiday and gather the Platts to announce their engagement. Gail’s surprisingly supportive.

Elsewhere, Violet takes the most important test of her life; Eileen’s back with Pat, but she’s not proud of herself; Sally prepares for her 40th; and Leanne prepares for her grand opening.

Thursday 25 September, 7.30pm

The boys feel stupid as they stake out Pat’s house and are just about to leave as they see him on the doorstep kissing a woman goodbye. Stunned, they realise Les was right about him having a wife and they’re left wondering how they’re going to break the news to Eileen.

Later, Steve breaks it to Eileen that Pat’s married, but when she replies she already knows, Steve is stunned. Warning the lads it’s her business, they agree to back off, but Eileen admits to Steve she knows what she’s doing is wrong and will call it off.

As the factory girls get used to life under Carla, Hayley’s thrilled when she tells her she’s giving her a pay rise, but her first job is to tell the staff they’re working Sunday. Meanwhile, Carla lets her mask slip in front of Steve when he tries to find out when Michelle is coming back.

Elsewhere, Violet wears Sean out; Jack joins Vera on the injury bench; Leanne prepares to open the restaurant; and Cilla declares war on Jerry’s when she calls a pest control van to the takeaway in a bid to win back some customers.

Tuesday 23 September, 7.30pm

Violet’s used an ovulating kit, and knowing the timing is good, arranges to meet Sean at lunch to discuss how they’re going to ‘do the deed’. Over a glass of wine they discuss possible artificial methods until Violet suggests the one real way they haven’t discussed. Admitting he’s never been intimate with a woman, and not knowing if he could be, Violet asserts there’s only way to find out.

Hayley’s disappointed when Carla doesn’t show at the factory, and when she suggests the girls keep busy with cleaning, they start to rebel. A row breaks out between Hayley and Sally just as Carla walks in dressed to kill. Ordering everyone to their machines, she asserts playtime is over – she’s in charge now and things are going to be very different.

Elsewhere, Eileen is happy in her new relationship; the Battersbys wangle an invite to dinner with the Croppers, Fiz and John; and Les tells Steve and Lloyd that Pat has a wife.

Thursday 18 September, 7.30pm

Worried about Violet’s baby plans, Sean tries to talk some sense into her. But when she stresses she’s serious, and she wants a child even if it means going it alone, Sean asserts he understands. Referring to their previous jokey pact, he says he could be the dad. Violet’s gobsmacked, but Sean insists he’s genuine, and tells her to sleep on it before saying no.
With the factory out of fabric, Hayley is forced to close early and turn to a still grieving Carla. As she explains they need a boss back, Carla can’t make any promises, but tells her to leave it with her.
Leanne’s grateful as she shows Roger around the Italian, but admitting what she’s taken on, she knows the restaurant will have to make more than it’s ever made if she’s to see any return.
Elsewhere, Pat finally calls Eileen and arranges another date; and Tyrone and Molly tell the Duckies they’re looking for a place of their own.

Tuesday 16 September, 7.30pm

Determined to show Carla what she is made of, Leanne meets the Italian owner who agrees to accept £30k in cash and the rest in instalments. Agreeing to the deal, Leanne can only see one solution and tells Janice she’s arranged to spend a week with a client to raise the cash.
Blanche is unimpressed by her friends’ efforts, and when Carla turns on them reminding them she’s mourning a real death, the party disperses. However, back at the Barlow’s, Blanche is secretly comforted as she reads Ken’s eulogy.
Janice is tense as she meets Roger for lunch, and when he asks if she’s gone off him, she steels herself before revealing she needs to borrow £10k. Struggling with her request, Roger walks out, but Janice follows trying to explain. Telling him the truth about Leanne, Janice reveals she’s terrified she’ll go back to escorting, and this is her chance. Janice insists she’ll pay him back with interest, and Roger tells her he’s heard enough.
Sean’s shocked when Violet reveals she’s been to discuss sperm donation. Worried she’s not looking at the emotional side, Sean questions if this is what she wants. Violet points out that her dream is to have a baby and the longer she leaves it, the less likely it is.
Elsewhere, Sally grows increasingly critical of Hayley; Steve is gutted when Michelle forgets his birthday; Paul’s will reveals he’s left everything to Carla; and David begins work at the salon.

Tuesday 9 September, 7.30pm

Ashley and Claire are optimistic as the appeal for Casey hits the papers and they post copies of her picture in Streetcars’ cabs. Meanwhile, at the station, the DI is stunned to find Casey waiting for him, saying she heard they were looking for her. Hearing she’s turned herself in, the Peacocks are sure their ordeal is nearly over.
At the factory Liam’s trying to be strong, but he still can’t get his head around things. After a tough day, he leaves the keys for Hayley, packs a case, and tells Jamie to take him to the airport.
Michelle breaks down telling Steve she is heartbroken she didn’t reconcile with Paul before his death, and lying to Ryan makes it worse. Later, As Michelle tries to put a brave face on, Vernon tells Ryan about Leanne being to blame, not Paul, leaving him demanding an explanation from Steve. Trying to pick up the pieces, Steve does his best to explain, but Ryan erupts accusing Steve of trying to play dad, and Michelle agrees.
Elsewhere, Sally resents Hayley being in charge; Bill sacks a defiant David again; despite Carla’s icy reception, Leanne believes she will still go through with the restaurant deal; and Roger is back wanting to see Janice.